A Complete Guide to 3BHK Interior Design Cost 

We know, we know – budgeting for 3BHK interior design can be as exciting as watching paint dry. But trust us, it’s worth getting right!

That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you, breaking down the 3BHK interior design costs room by room, city by city, to help you create your dream 3BHK interior design.

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So, you’re finally getting your dream 3BHK home or renovating your current space! Now it’s time to make it look amazing and feel totally you. But, before you start picking out paints and furniture, let’s talk turkey – or rather, 3 BHK interior design cost.

The average 3 BHK interior design cost can skyrocket to ₹20 lakh or more, depending on the city, materials, and services. But fear not!

Our comprehensive guide will arm you with the knowledge to navigate the treacherous waters of interior design costs.

We’ll reveal the hidden factors that drive up prices, expose the common mistakes that can bleed your wallet dry, and provide expert tips on how to save costs without sacrificing style and quality of your 3 BHK home.

What We'll Cover

The Scope Of 3BHK Interior Design Package

When starting a 3BHK interior design project, it’s important for homeowners to understand what a 3BHK Interior Design Package includes. The 3BHK interior design cost can vary significantly based on several key factors, including the flat’s size, location within the city, chosen materials, and personal preferences. These elements not only influence the overall aesthetics but also play a significant role in determining the final cost.

To make informed decisions and create a home that aligns with both vision and budget, it’s essential to carefully evaluate each aspect of the design process. By considering how location, total area, and design preferences impact the scope and cost, homeowners can better navigate the complexities of planning and budgeting for their 3BHK interior design project.

How To Do Step-By-Step Estimation For 3BHK Interior Cost

Image Source: 99 Acres

Design Styling & Preference: 

Define your desired style for your 3 BHK flat interior design. This will guide material choices and overall aesthetics. Consider modern, traditional, or eclectic styles, and how they align with your lifestyle and budget. Your chosen style significantly impacts the 3 BHK interior design cost.

Total Area Calculation: 

Measure your apartment’s total area to estimate material quantities needed for your 3 BHK flat interior design. Include all rooms, balconies, and storage spaces. This calculation is crucial for accurate budgeting of your 3 BHK interior design cost.

Material & Finishing: 

Choose materials and finishes based on your style and budget. This significantly impacts the 3 BHK interior design cost. Options range from budget-friendly laminates to luxurious marble or hardwood. Remember, durability can offset higher initial costs in the long run.

Interior Designer Cost or DIY: 

Decide whether to hire a professional or tackle the project yourself. Professional services add to the 3 BHK interior design cost but can ensure quality results and potentially save money through industry connections. DIY can reduce costs but requires time and skill.

Labour Charges: 

Factor in costs for skilled workers, which vary based on the complexity of your 3 BHK flat interior design. Specialized work like custom carpentry or intricate tiling will increase labor costs.

Installation Cost: 

Include expenses for installing various elements like flooring, wallpapers, or custom fixtures. Some materials require specialized installation, affecting your overall 3 BHK interior design cost.

Furniture & Accessories: 

Consider the 3 BHK flat furniture design and decor items to complete your space. Balance between ready-made and custom furniture based on your budget and preferences. Don’t forget to include costs for lighting fixtures, curtains, and decorative elements.

Importance of Floor Plan In 3BHK Interior Design Cost

A well-designed floor plan is crucial for optimizing the 3BHK interior design cost and enhancing the overall functionality of your home. Here are key factors to consider:

Traffic Flow: 

Ensure smooth movement throughout the 3 BHK flat interior design by minimizing bottlenecks and creating logical pathways between rooms. This improves daily living and can impact the interior cost for 3BHK by reducing unnecessary structural changes.

Separation of Spaces:

Balance privacy and social interaction in your 3 BHK flat interior design. Position bedrooms away from common areas while creating an open-concept living, dining, and kitchen space for entertaining.


Maximize natural light in your 3 BHK house interior design through strategic window and door placement. This can reduce artificial lighting needs, potentially lowering your 3BHK interior cost.

Storage Solutions:

Incorporate built-in storage throughout your 3BHK room design to maintain a clutter-free environment. Clever storage can optimize space utilization in your interior design for a 3 bedroom flat.


Design multi-purpose spaces in your 3 BHK flat furniture design that can adapt to changing needs over time. This forward-thinking approach can provide long-term value for your 3BHK interior design package.

A thoughtfully planned floor plan serves as the foundation for a successful 3BHK interior design. It not only enhances livability but also helps manage the 3 BHK interior design cost in any location by optimizing space usage and avoiding costly modifications later. Whether you’re undertaking a complete renovation or focusing on specific areas, prioritizing these elements in your floor plan will contribute to a home that balances aesthetics, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

How To Do Budget Allocation For 3BHK Interior Design

When planning your 3BHK interior design, careful financial management is crucial. Here are key strategies to optimize your budget:


Identify the most critical aspects of your 3 BHK flat interior design. Allocate a larger portion of your budget to these areas, such as the living room or kitchen, while being open to compromises in less essential spaces. This approach ensures your 3BHK interior design cost is focused on elements that matter most to you.


Set aside 10-15% of your total 3BHK interior design cost for unexpected expenses. This buffer can cover unforeseen issues or design changes that may arise during the project.

Multiple Quotes:

Don’t settle for the first estimate you receive. Obtain quotes from several contractors and suppliers for your 3BHK interior design. This comparison can help you secure the best value for your design package and potentially reduce overall costs.

Expense Tracker:

Maintain a detailed record of all expenses related to your 3BHK interior design. Utilize budgeting apps or spreadsheets to monitor your spending throughout the project. This practice ensures you stay within your planned budget and helps identify areas where you might be overspending.

By implementing these financial planning strategies, you can better manage your 3BHK interior design project while creating a home that meets your needs and preferences. Remember, careful budgeting and prioritization are key to achieving a successful and cost-effective interior design.

Cost Difference In 3BHK Interior Design In Different Cities

Bangalore, known as India’s Silicon Valley, presents a unique landscape for 3BHK interior design cost. The city’s thriving IT sector and diverse job market have led to a significant influx of professionals, driving up the demand for Interior Designers in Bangalore. Unlike some other major metros, Bangalore’s relatively well-planned infrastructure has helped in managing this growth.

However, the high demand for 3 BHK flat interior design in Bangalore still influences costs. The city’s real estate market, while more balanced than Mumbai’s, for instance, sees steady appreciation, which in turn affects interior design expenses. The 3BHK interior design scene in Bangalore is characterized by a blend of modern aesthetics and functional designs, catering to the city’s young, professional demographic.

Here’s a breakdown of 3BHK Interior Design costs in top cities in India including Bangalore.

City3BHK Interior Cost 
Mumbai₹20 – ₹35 Lakhs
Delhi₹14 – ₹23 Lakhs
Bengaluru₹14 – ₹27 Lakhs
Hyderabad₹15 – ₹23 Lakhs
Chennai₹15 – ₹20 Lakhs
Pune₹12 – ₹18 Lakhs

You can see here, Bangalore’s 3 BHK interior design cost often remains more competitive compared to cities like Mumbai or Delhi. This is partly due to:

1. Better urban planning allowing for more efficient use of space

2. A robust supply chain for interior design materials

3. A competitive market of skilled designers and contractors

How Much Should You Budget for 3BHK Interior Design Labour Costs?

When planning a 3BHK interior design project, labor expenses form a significant portion of the overall budget. These costs can vary widely based on the scope and complexity of work.

Key components to consider:

  1. Wall Treatments: Costs for painting or wallpapering can range significantly depending on quality and finish.
  2. Ceiling Work: Installing false ceilings or other decorative elements adds to the aesthetic but impacts the budget, as the cost of false ceiling can vary.
  3. Woodwork: Custom cabinetry, shelving, and storage solutions are often priced per square foot, with rates differing for basic versus intricate designs.
  4. Flooring: Installation costs vary by material (tile, hardwood, Bohemian flooring etc.) and complexity of the pattern.
  5. Electrical and Plumbing: Any modifications or additions to these systems incur labor charges.

Sample Cost Breakdown for 3BHK Interior Design in Bangalore: 

(Note: Prices are illustrative and may vary)

ServiceEstimated Cost Range (₹ per sq. ft.)GST
Basic Painting₹10 – ₹20 18%
Ceiling Treatment₹25 – ₹4018%
Basic Carpentry₹150 – ₹25018%
Custom Storage₹350 – ₹50018%

Total labor costs for a 3BHK interior design project in Bangalore typically fall between ₹500 to ₹1800 per square foot, depending on the level of customization and quality of finishes.

How Can FABDIZ Help You with 3BHK Interior Designing?

FABDIZ offers a one-stop solution for hassle-free 3BHK interior design in Bangalore. Forget about unexpected costs and hassles when designing your 3BHK home. FABDIZ fully understands the needs of middle-class families and provides comprehensive, budget-friendly solutions tailored to your requirements. Enjoy a seamless design experience with our expert team guiding you every step of the way.

In-house Manufacturing: 

We handle all carpentry and customization work, ensuring quality control and cost-effectiveness.

•All-Inclusive Packages: 

Our 3BHK interior design cost in Bangalore covers everything from design to execution.

• Hassle-Free Process:

 Say goodbye to coordinating with multiple vendors or worrying about labor costs.

• Middle-Class Friendly: 

We specialize in middle class 3BHK flat interior design that balances style and affordability.

• Transparent Pricing:

 No hidden costs or surprises – what we quote is what you pay.

• Customization without Extra Costs: 

Your unique style, our expertise, all within your budget.

FABDIZ takes care of:

FABDIZ takes care ofWith FABDIZ, you can forget about
✔️ Design conceptualization❌ Coordinating with multiple contractors
✔️ Material sourcing❌ Unexpected labor costs
✔️ Carpentry and customization❌ Quality inconsistencies
✔️ Installation and finishing❌ Budget overruns
✔️ Project management❌ Amateur labors or carpenters

Our streamlined process means you can focus on enjoying your new space while we handle the details. From initial design to final touches, FABDIZ ensures your 3BHK interior design journey is smooth and satisfying.

Don’t let the 3BHK interior design cost in Bangalore hold you back. With FABDIZ, transform your home into a stylish haven without the stress or financial strain. 

Contact us today to start your hassle-free interior design adventure!

Different 3BHK Interior Designing Projects With Cost

Low budget  –  under ₹15 lakhs package 

Modern Style, 3BHK Open Plan Apartment at Godrej Air, Whitefield – Residence of Rucha & Bharat

Clients: Rucha & Bharat

Design Style: A Blend of Modern and other Styles, Warm Palette, and Functional Elegance

Budget: 12 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Project Type: Interior Design

Project Location: Godrej Air, Hoodi, Seetharampalya, Whitefield, Bangalore.

  • The design features an open plan living space that seamlessly integrates diverse design styles and aesthetics, creating a cohesive and flowing environment.
  • A standout feature is the wooden panel fluting TV unit, enhanced with mirror accents. This element likely serves as a focal point while also playing with light to create visual interest and perceived spaciousness.
  • The kitchen adopts a practical parallel kitchen layout with neutral tones, balancing functionality with elegance. This choice likely helps in maintaining a clean, modern look while maximizing efficiency in a compact space.
  • Bedrooms are designed for coziness and comfort, featuring artistic backdrops that add personality to each space. The use of wooden flooring contributes warmth, while tufting details add a touch of luxury.
  • The overall design approach focuses on creating a warm palette throughout the home, likely using earthy tones or muted colors to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Modern Scandinavian 3BHK Flat Interior Design – Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Mukherjee

Clients: Mr. and Mrs. Mukherjee

Design Style: Modern Scandinavian

Budget: 15 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Project Type: Home Interior Design

Project Location: Vajram Tiara

  • The design incorporates Scandinavian elements, likely featuring minimalist aesthetics, functional layouts, and a light color palette to maximize the sense of space.
  • To maintain the budget, the designers may have used cost-effective materials like laminates for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and TV units.
  • The project likely balances between new purchases and refurbishing existing furniture to stay within the 15 lakh budget while achieving a fresh look.
  • Given the Scandinavian influence, the design probably emphasizes natural light and may include large windows or strategically placed mirrors to enhance brightness.

Modern 3 BHK Apartment With A Touch of Contemporary – Residence of Prathyusha & Praveen

Clients: Prathyusha & Praveen

Design Style: Contemporary with a touch of modern

Budget: 12 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Project Type: Home Interior Design

Project Location: Hoodi Circle, Whitefield, Hoodi, Bengaluru.

  • The design features an open plan layout, maximizing space efficiency and creating a sense of flow throughout the home.
  • A contemporary style is adopted with modern touches, likely incorporating clean lines, neutral color palettes, and up-to-date design elements.
  • The project includes a compact traditional pooja unit, balancing modern design with cultural needs.
  • A bar unit is incorporated into the open plan, adding functionality and a touch of sophistication to the living area.
  •  Golden accents are used throughout the design to add a luxurious feel, elevating the overall aesthetic within the given budget.
  • The designers have likely employed cost-effective solutions and materials to achieve a high-end look while staying within the 12 lakh budget.

Mid budget – under ₹25 lakhs

Modern French 3 BHK Interior Design – Residence of Itishree & Bivash

Clients: Itishree & Bivash

Design Style: Modern French Interior Design

Budget: 17 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Decor & Styling: FabCuro (www.fabcuro.com)

Project Type: Interior Design and Decor Styling

Project Location: Assetz Marq, Whitefield

  • The project was completed under a tight timeframe to meet the clients’ predetermined gruhapravesh (house warming) date, demonstrating efficient project management. The clients expressed high satisfaction with the outcome, noting that the actual design surpassed their expectations based on the 3D renders.
  • The design successfully implements a Modern French style, blending contemporary elements with classic French aesthetics.
  • A standout feature is the inclusion of a fire mantle, which adds a touch of traditional elegance to the modern space.
  • The design incorporates luxurious elements through the use of marble and mirrors, with subtle gold accents throughout to elevate the overall aesthetic.
  • The color palette is primarily neutral, in keeping with the French style, likely creating a sophisticated and timeless ambiance.
  • The home features walk-in wardrobes, adding both luxury and functionality to the bedroom areas.
  • Despite budget constraints, the designers have managed to create a high-end look, possibly by balancing more expensive materials (like marble) with cost-effective solutions in other areas.
  • The involvement of FabCuro for both interior design and decor styling likely contributed to a cohesive overall look, with careful attention to both structural elements and decorative details.

Modern Mid-Century 3 BHK Design – Residence of Palak & Ashwani

Clients: Palak & Ashwani

Design Style: Mid-Century Modern

Budget: 17 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Project Type: Residential interiors

Completion time: ~50 days

Project Location: Vaswani Exquisite, Whitefield, Bangalore

  • The design successfully blends Mid-Century Modern aesthetics with contemporary touches, creating a harmonious and elegant living space.
  • The living area serves as a focal point, featuring a striking combination of marble and golden accents juxtaposed with wooden panels around the TV unit. This creates a visually captivating design dialogue.
  • The kitchen adopts a minimalist black and white color scheme, likely enhancing the sense of space and cleanliness while maintaining the overall modern aesthetic.
  • The dining room is designed with ambient lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for family meals.
  • Bedrooms are tailored to their occupants:

The guest and master bedrooms exude refined elegance, likely featuring sophisticated color palettes and furnishings.

The kids’ bedroom stands out with vibrant colors and whimsical elements, creating a playful and stimulating environment.

Modern 3.5 BHK Interior Design – Residence of Murli

Client: Murli 

Design Style: Modern

Budget: 18 Lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Project Type: Home Interior Design

Project Location: Prestige Park Square Bannerghatta Road.

  • The design incorporates wooden elements throughout the home, likely adding warmth and a touch of natural beauty to the space. This could include wooden flooring, furniture, or decorative elements.
  • A space-efficient prayer room is integrated into the design, respecting cultural and religious needs while optimizing the available area.
  • The kitchen features marble accents, which adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the space. This could be in the form of countertops, backsplashes, or decorative elements.
  • A notable feature of this project is the inclusion of a home library, catering to the client’s love for books or need for a dedicated study space. This adds both functionality and character to the home.
  • The bedrooms are equipped with sliding wardrobes, which is a smart space-saving solution that also adds to the modern aesthetic of the home.

High budget – above ₹25 lakhs

3BHK Duplex Penthouse – Home of Monika & Dhirendra

Clients: Monika & Dhirendra

Design Style: Modern Minimalist

Budget: 35 Lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ (www.fabdiz.com)

Decor & Styling: FabCuro (www.fabcuro.com)

Project Type: Interior Design

Project Location: Diamond District, HAL, Bangalore.

  • This penthouse spans two floors, offering a spacious and luxurious living experience.
  • The overall style follows modern minimalist principles, likely featuring clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a sophisticated color palette.
  • The design incorporates golden accents throughout, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the minimalist base.
  • Diverse Bedroom Designs:

   – Luxurious master bedroom, likely featuring high-end finishes and furnishings

   – Inviting guest bedroom, designed for comfort and style

  – Playful kids room, incorporating fun elements while maintaining the overall design aesthetic

  • Top Floor Features:

   – Lavish indoor bar, perfect for entertaining guests

   – Outdoor seating area, providing a tranquil space to relax

   – Rejuvenating jacuzzi under the open sky, adding a spa-like luxury to the home

  • Indoor-Outdoor Flow: 

The inclusion of outdoor spaces like the seating area and jacuzzi suggests a design that emphasizes connection with the outdoors, enhancing the overall living experience.

3 BHK Villa at APM – Residence of Megha & Ashish Bajaj

Client: Megha & Ashish Bajaj

Design Style: Modern Contemporary

Budget: 40 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Decor & Styling: FabCuro

Project Type: Interior Design

Project Location: Adarsh Palm Meadows, Whitefield, Bangalore.

  • The villa’s design emphasizes optimal use of space, creating an open and flowing environment.
  • The villa features an open plan design, likely integrating living, dining, and kitchen areas for a spacious feel and improved functionality.
  • The design strikes a balance between contemporary style and luxurious elements, creating a sophisticated yet comfortable living space.
  • Child-Friendly Design: Special attention has been given to the kids’ bedroom, making it both fun and functional for young occupants.
  • Color Palette: Neutral tones form the base of the design, maintaining the contemporary aesthetic. Golden accents are used throughout to add touches of luxury and visual interest.
  • Decor Items: Careful selection and placement of decor items enhance the overall design, complementing the architectural elements.
  • Bedroom Designs: Adult bedrooms feature panelled designs, adding texture and visual interest to the spaces. The kids’ bedroom stands out with a colorful design, created to support child development and growth

Modern-Traditional Asthetic 3 BHK Interior – Residence of Supriya & Rakesh

Clients: Supriya & Rakesh

Design Style: Modern-Traditional

Budget: 30 lakhs

Design House: FABDIZ

Project Type: Construction and Interior Design

Project Location: Morefields By Manyata, Sarjapur, Bangalore

  • FABDIZ handled both construction and interior design, allowing for a cohesive vision from the ground up.
  • The design style blends classic shapes and vintage appeal with contemporary clean lines and simplistic hues, creating a harmonious balance between old and new aesthetics.
  • The project caters to the needs of a family, including parents Supriya and Rakesh, and their child Rishika.
  • A standout feature is the inclusion of a home theater, complete with acoustic treatments. This suggests a focus on entertainment and high-quality audio-visual experiences.
  • Special attention has been given to creating a lively and engaging space for the child, likely incorporating playful colors and functional design elements.
  • The design probably incorporates some traditional Indian design elements or motifs, given the Modern-Traditional style.
  • Clean lines and modern hues are used to balance the traditional elements, creating a fresh and current feel.


How Much Does a 3BHK Interior Design Cost?

The average cost for 3BHK interior design ranges between ₹12-15 lakhs, while premium designs can go up to ₹35 lakhs. The price depends on various factors such as location, design style, and size. However, you can generally expect basic interior design costs to fall within ₹12-15 lakhs and premium options to reach up to ₹35 lakhs.

How Much Does a 3BHK Interior Design in Bangalore Cost?

The cost of a 3BHK interior design in Bangalore typically ranges from ₹14 lakhs to ₹ 27 lakhs. Several factors influence this pricing, including the choice of materials, design complexity, and the reputation of the interior designer. As Bangalore continues to grow rapidly with an increasing number of apartments and flats, these prices are likely to rise in the future.

How much does a 3BHK interior design in Chennai cost?

The cost of a 3BHK interior design in Chennai typically ranges from ₹14 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs. This is relatively lower compared to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore. Factors such as material choice and design complexity also influence the final cost.

How much does a 3BHK interior design in Kolkata cost?

The average cost of a 3BHK interior design in Kolkata is around ₹8-10 lakhs. This is relatively lower compared to cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, but is expected to rise in the coming years.

How to break down the cost of 3BHK Interior Design Package room-wise?

To break down the cost of a 3BHK Interior Design Package room-wise, consider the following:

  • Modular Kitchen: layout, materials, and appliances
  • Fixtures and Fittings: bathroom and kitchen fixtures, mirrors, and cabinets
  • Flooring: material selection and installation
  • Painting: color scheme, finish, and surface preparation
  • Electrical and Plumbing: layout, material selection, and labor

By breaking down the cost into these room-wise elements, you can better estimate and manage the expenses for your 3BHK Interior Design Package. Below is a detailed estimate for your reference:

RoomBasic 3BHK InteriorsPremium 3BHK InteriorsLuxe 3BHK Interiors
Living Room₹2,71,190 – ₹3,19,604₹3,56,362 – ₹4,18,618₹4,44,599 – ₹5,19,459
Bedroom 1₹2,72,438 – ₹2,82,220₹3,28,887 – ₹3,39,711₹4,72,031 – ₹4,85,439
Bedroom 2₹2,72,438 – ₹2,82,220₹3,28,887 – ₹3,39,711₹4,72,031 – ₹4,85,439
Bedroom 3₹2,72,438 – ₹2,82,220₹3,28,887 – ₹3,39,711₹4,72,031 – ₹4,85,439
Kitchen₹3,16,000 – ₹4,00,000₹3,63,000 – ₹4,00,000₹5,99,000 – ₹6,20,000
Dining Room₹1,20,042 – ₹1,25,307₹1,57,132 – ₹1,63,128₹1,91,040 – ₹1,98,404
Bathroom₹71,752 – ₹89,976₹86,313 – ₹88,914₹92,339 – ₹92,513

Note: The estimates provided are approximate and may vary based on specific requirements and materials chosen.

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