5 cushy ideas for colourful and contrasting kitchen cabinets

Ever since the modular kitchen concept has entered the Indian interior design realm, storage and organisation have become easier and something that more and more people are now inclined towards. When designing a kitchen, while the focus is always heavy on getting the right countertops, discussing the modular plan, there’s another important aspect to designing a great kitchen – the cabinet colours. With so many options available in the market now, it may sometimes be too puzzling to either pick the right colours or blend them in the right way. 

Below, we bring to you 5 interesting ways in which you can mix and choose the coolest yet contrasting colours for Kitchen cabinets.

The dual-toned look


Try blending lighter shades with darker overtones. Usually the cabinets at the bottom will be used more frequently so a darker tone will prevent dirt and stains from accumulating, while the upper cabinets can be light in colour. Make sure they are well laminated/protected as oil might dampen them over time.

Go all colours popping


Using a variety of colours or mixing 2-3 colours can be a great idea if you are looking for something more lively and versatile. Having the drawers or accents in a bright colour, finishing with two contrasting colours brings a lot of life and laughter into your kitchen.

Kitchen islands could be the code to contrast


If you are lucky to have enough space for a kitchen island, you must get it done in neutral or muted accents while the rest of the kitchen can be contrasted.

Colour block your kitchen interior


Colour blocking is a technique where solid colour panels are used to contrast with deeper or more muted shades. This brings in a lot of drama and emotion into the space. If you are into aesthetically eloquent interiors, colour blocking could be your way to go.

Go retro


Be it any space in interior design, going retro never goes out of fashion. Retro looks aren’t only heavily colour driven but are also used in an interesting way to pump in more dynamism into the space. With candy-crusted colours and textures with splashes of shades in the background, you can surely bring your dream kitchen to life

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