5 ways to make your old house look brand new this New Year!

With so much that preceded the previous year, a lot of us have actually gone through a motley of personal transformations this year. From emphasising health and wellness in our lives to upskilling professionally, 2022 certainly has been a year of many realisations. So, now as we approach 2023, it only makes sense to transform one of the other key aspects of our life – our home. You will now be thinking that we are going to put forth some expensive, and extravagant ideas to revamp your house, however, the idea will be to keep it doable yet achieve a brand-new look for our old house in 2023!

Top 5 ways to make your old house new.

1. Start with colours and make them pop

Using bright, pastel-esque paints to add a pop wall in the living room or the bedroom helps elevate the vibe inside. This method gives the room a totally modern spin while also making a statement.


2. Get access to great accessories

Accessorising the rooms which are most often used along with the existing furniture is a great way to give the room a persona boost. Most designers feel simple things such as lights, coffee table books, and even magazines work very well in enhancing the vibe of a house.


3. Build built-in structures

Whether you are into DIY or into scouting and buying reasonable decor items, one great way is to have built-in cabinets and bookshelves. These allow you to completely bring about a brand new look and experience into the house.


4. Spread a little backsplash

Backsplash designs in spaces such as Kitchens, washrooms, and bar areas can be given a new look with backsplashes which can either be DIY if you are into it or you can hire designers who can offer you affordable options.


5. Usher in the wallpapers

In case you haven’t already, one of the time-tested methods to revamp old architecture is to splurge on wallpapers for each of the rooms. Wallpapers should be chosen based on the persona of the occupant so this also allows to give each room a unique spin. 


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