6 Best Balcony Design Ideas Your Apartment

If you have lived in Bangalore, you would know the emotional and financial association people form with balconies especially in the big cities where space is scarce and that too an open space, a matter of luck of wealth. However, if you do happen to have come across your dream balcony it may not suffice just by itself. The balcony would obviously need a little if not more effort from your end to become your own bustling space in the daylight and a cozy corner by night.  While it may seem a herculean task to deck up a balcony, small or big, and many may only have plants as the design recommendation, here’s your comprehensive ideabook to design your balcony. 

Make space for everyone


While a balcony may often be designed thinking it would be a personal affair however, even for some of the close friends and family, our balcony becomes their go to space as well. Thus, for nights when the clock is just gonna tick as the conversations get thick, let there be enough seating space for all.

Make a statement not just a space


We all must remember that with living in apartments the biggest drawback is there is no external identity to our own home, as in for the people who are seeing it from the outside. Apartments are built to reflect unison not uniqueness however, with a balcony you have the power to create a statement and make your apartment stand out in the building.

Turn the balcony into a private space


Using subtle materials to create a wall that separates your zone from the cacophony outside is always a great design idea for those who live in noisy or crowded localities. This allows you to build your work-from-home space or even your coffee area, and so on. Designing a space begins with finding your starting point.

Get the gorgeous, the greens


Yes, we did mention that plants may be the most cliched element in your entire design plan however, they are not getting mundane any sooner if you know how to play. With the advent of hydroponics, a technique to grow plants without soil but in solutions, and vertical gardening, it’s possible to imagine a proper kitchen garden or your own flower charade blooming in your confined balcony. Trees no longer need to be necessarily spread across and that finding opens up newer ways to get in the greens.

Going hip is also a tip


Since most of the implementers of these ideas may be youngsters and so, it’s important to point out that there’s no one or nothing stopping you from achieving your dream goal shack within the confines of your home.

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