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About Fabdiz

We have been creating functional, beautiful and innovative interiors for our clients since 2010.
Fabdiz aims to create thoughtful and inspiring interiors that respond to your lifestyle and preferences. Afterall, home is where the heart is. We are an energetic team of designers and craftsmen who provide playful, practical and innovative interiors solutions. Homes and office spaces are our canvas, we use the best quality products, and you will be mesmerized before you even know it!
On a serious note, we use the highest quality materials from reliable vendors and established partners. Quality and customer satisfaction is our highest priority. You have a dream? We are here to make it your reality. Get in touch with us.

Our Story

We realized that many people faced challenges while getting their interiors furnished – hidden charges, less scope of customization which meant they had to settle for less, substandard quality of materials, lack of expertise, extended turnaround time, etc. A lack of communication and professionalism would hinder everything right from the designing stage, execution and handover.
We felt the need to bring around a change of scene by actively combating these issues. One doesn’t have do undergo so many roadblocks to getting their dream interiors! We were completely transparent with our customers: we show them actual images of our work done, instead of showing rendered images which was larger than life. We show images at every stage, and take the customer’s feedback. We plan the execution of the projects flexibly, as per the needs of the customer. The reason that our collection is very innovative and creative is because it is a product of a close collaboration with our customers, to bring their dreams into reality.
We plan each project to the dot, paying close attention to the smallest details. Our turnaround time is strictly 45 days, as opposed to the industry’s standard of 60-90 days. We have successfully completed well over 300 projects. We innovate our customer’s spaces, designed to awe and inspire. Our enthusiastic team is committed is delivering the highest quality projects. They’re helpful, friendly and take communication very seriously.

Why Choose Us

Having faced problems while getting interiors designed, we know what drawbacks the customers face. In order to curb even the smallest issues, we have come up with FabDiz, an innovative entity that brings your living spaces to life, effortlessly. All you have to do is tell us your dream and we will deliver your living or office spaces to life, in 45 days.

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