Bed, bath and beyond!: 6 ways to deck up your bathroom design

Of all the places one builds and invests in a house, the bathroom is the only place that truly belongs to you. It’s the only place where you can be all of yourself, away from the chaos and clang of the outside world, completely at peace with yourself. So why not invest a little more thought and inspiration when designing that space that always gives you the in-isolation boost of positivity that you need sometimes.

With modern interior and home designers in Bangalore such as Fabdiz, it is only natural to discuss and come up with a design plan that takes into consideration your taste in aesthetics, materials customised to your budget in creating the best bathroom interior design. Here’s a look at 6 stunning ways to deck up your bathroom design:

A Design Master-glass!


One of the most modern ways of having a calm, serene bathroom is the use of glass in the shower areas and shiny/reflective surfaces in the furnishing and fittings. This type of design aesthetic enhances the sense of space while also making the bathroom look neat and tidy always. It also increases one’s interaction with themselves in order to provide the best isolated experience.

Minimal with some jazz


The idea behind a tranquil bathroom should be to enhance not only the space available but to also embrace the power of lights and fittings in design. In the inspiration above, the splash of white tiling and cabinets paired with the golden fittings gives it a comprehensive finish while the open window ensures that the space is well lit and sufficiently ventilated while also bringing you closer to nature.

A trip to Bali


One of the superpowers of good interior design is the ability to derive inspiration from across the world and pour it into your house. One such design inspiration for bathrooms would be to explore something that’s more like Bali. Due to the wide and dense forests, it’s easier to construct an open shower area; but ofcourse with the right designers, necessary planning and use of apt materials, one can build something similar to this in Indian cities too and bring the beauty of Bali to your home bathroom.

Planting inspirations


One of the elements of any awe-inspiring design in modern times have been the integration of plants and greenery into interior spaces. So why should bathrooms be excluded from this scope? Greenery and plants inside a bathroom not only makes it feel a lot breezier and fresher but also enhances the feel factor inside the space.

Patterns in the tiles


Tiling is a great way to notch up bathroom design by using levels. Patterned tiles not only bring elegance into the picture but also enhance the entire shower experience. With a wide variety of tiles available in the market, it would be a breeze for you to choose the one that matches your aesthetics and taste best.

Wood and curtains


This would be the best way to go for those who like to feel a little old school and rustic. The wooden panels and curtains give the space a cabin-like look which further adds into the ambience of the washroom. The big windows, if they are available, would be a fascinating way to let light into the washroom and keep it odour free at all times.

It’s better when it’s lit


Lighting is a key part of interior design regardless of the space. For bathrooms, it becomes even more crucial as it enhances the sense of privacy and isolation while exuding tranquillity. Proper selection of lights with so many brands and designs out there in the market shouldn’t be a task especially when guided by our expert interior bathroom designers at Fabdiz.

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