Benefits of Indoor Plants in Study Room

To every change that’s happening in the world, there is a Macro aspect as big as the micro aspect to that very change. Let’s take climate change, for example, many would blame those who cut or don’t plant enough trees. However, that also brings to question if the world at large can be so positively impacted by a plant or two, does it also impact us as individuals? Does a plant hold as much importance for a single person as it does for the entire planet? The answer is simply yes..

Although, you came looking for interior design inspiration why are we giving you scientific facts? That’s because one of the most recommended elements of design, indoor plants, have been scientifically proven to have greater effects on the mind, body, and overall home health. So, if you are looking for reasons to consider indoor plants for your study room or for your recreational area, here are the top 5 reasons why you should go shopping right now!

Fight stress like a pro

It has been proven through research ( that when compared between potting a plant and a computer-based task, respondents show a greater spike in heart-beat and stress levels when performing the latter. Thus, it can be surely concluded that having plants in your study room or your recreational area helps you cope with stress better especially when you are doing most of your high-stress activities such as studying or working in these spaces.


Real wins over fake, every time

Again a research study was conducted by placing the same person doing the same tasks in different rooms with real, artificial, and painted plants. Guess what? The subjects were more relaxed and efficient in their tasks and decision-making in the room surrounded by real plants. You have your answer.


Normalcy inches closer

So, plants, along with enhancing our focus and productivity have also been proven to help us recover from illnesses faster. Those with either underlying conditions or even those recovering from accidents or trauma were able to get back to their normal routines faster when in a room that had indoor plants.


Air-purifier at a fraction of the cost

Covid-19 certainly had us all rethinking the importance of fresh and natural air for ourselves and our loved ones. The same realisation saw a humongous spike in the sale and purchase of air purifiers. However, what many are yet to comprehend is the immense power of plants. Real indoor plants increase the purity and breathability of the indoor air significantly.


Confirm with your therapist

In case you are still wondering whether or not indoor plants may be the best investment in the scheme of your home interior design especially when it comes to your study room or the recreational area, let us tell you that it’s extremely (and proven to be so) therapeutic as well.


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