Best ways to use tiles to enhance your bathroom

In a regular Indian household the importance given the aa bathroom design is unfortunately low, however it does become the only place in the house where one is completely with oneself and in utmost privacy. There is a wide line between the investment one makes throughout the home interior design and that of the bathroom. It would be quite exciting for them to know that designing your bathroom can now not only be within a good budget but also come with a plethora of options to choose from. So, one of the prime questions one has on their mind is how can they tile their bathrooms? With the market for materials expanding, it may get difficult to point your finger towards the right one and successfully be able to integrate it with the existing design. With experienced designers such as Fabdiz, you should be able to easily choose from the shortlist presented to you by experts. Here’s presenting a list of the top 5 ways to use tiles in order to enhance the bathroom design:



One of the biggest benefits that porcelain tiles offer is their ability to last longer than most and also provide beautiful, textured surfaces that can fight scratches and stains ferociously. Ceramic, made of the same materials as Porcelain is just less finely ground and thus, isn’t as hard and resilient as porcelain.



While many would consider marble flooring to be the ultimate luxury which it rightfully is, marbles also bring in an element of subtlety and beauty into the design scheme. With the elegant colour lines and veins running through and across the surface, marbles surely come across as one of the best ways to design your bathroom.



One of the most durable yet beautifully aesthetic tiling options – the Limestone. It goes well with natural tones and also brings in a sense of warmth and protectiveness into the space – something that would feel ideal for a good bathroom.



One of the lesser-known jewels of India in the realm of construction and design – Terracotta tiles are known to not only infuse a calm Mediterranean vibrancy but also make the space look dramatic and evoking. Since it absorbs water in its natural state, it makes for a perfect pick for Bathroom tiling.



Pebble tiles as the name suggests are a favorite among those who wish to recreate a piece of nature within the space. These come as sheets of pebbles bound by grout.

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