Exposed brick wall design ideas – Bold as Brick

Laying bare the brick tricks

Why are exposed brick wall designs making such a sensation in the world of interior design? Modern Exposed brick wall interior designs are making a comeback, defying all the conventions and transcending interior design trends. 


The exposed brick wall design is designer’s favourite across the globe for its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Exposed bricks are influencing interior design trends in both commercial and residential spaces, with no boundaries.

Decor Tip: When creating an accent wall with brick, consider adding lighting to highlight the texture of the bricks. You can use wall sconces or track lighting to create a dramatic effect and showcase the unique character of the brick.

Modern exposed brick wall interior design ideas 

The exposed brick wall designs’ pure organic appearance suits a variety of settings, not just limited to residential settings. It suits all spaces without impediment, whether you want a rustic, industrial-inspired look for your room or a pleasant, exquisite main wall next to your indoor garden.

It can be anything you want it to be—as refined as contemporary design or as raw as bohemian. If the walls are blank, don’t be afraid to go bold with exposed bricks and make a statement.

Explore the types and know what fits your purpose:

 White brick walls


 To brighten up a dim living space or your apartment’s main wall, paint a portion of the brick wall white! The appearance is exactly as modern and not so overpowering in its appeal. A bright and airy white brick wall can enhance the contrast between dark and light hues. There’s something undeniably refreshing about these white brick wall designs.

Decor tip: For the ultimate boho look, paint your exposed brick walls white and accessorise them with organic raw elements.

Painted Bricks


Here is another alternative for you if you like brick and are seeking something more upscale. Give painted bricks a chance for refinement as you bid adieu to exposed brick’s rustic appearance. It keeps the colour scheme with which you are narrating your decor space while letting the brick’s texture and personality shine through. Give the pattern and texture a break while the paint elegantly blends with the rest of the decor.

Brick Tiles


If you want the illusion of exposed bricks in your home without having an actual exposed brick, then this is the perfect option for you, with an ideal balance of rustic and contemporary aesthetics. In essence, brick-looking tiles are decorative bricks that give our home the appearance of real, vintage bricks. Brick tiles are available in many different forms, including contemporary, sleek brick tiles and reclaimed brick-looking tiles, just like a regular brick.

Décor Tip: A kitchen backsplash made of brick tiles enhances visual appeal by giving the appearance of old-fashioned brick while also being easy to maintain (just wipe with a damp cloth).

Brick Wallpaper


Brick wallpaper is here to save the day if you don’t want to tear down the entire wall and take on the enormous task of redecorating your home. Brick walls are uncommon in homes, so installing them would require extensive remodelling. All of these can be avoided while still achieving the desired style using brick wallpaper.

 We will walk you through every space and narrate a brick story as we go.

A strong first impression—The Entryway Exposed Brick Wall Design Ideas


The entryway wall design with an exposed brick wall creates a striking first impression while radiating warmth and a friendly atmosphere as you enter your home. A wall that describes what to anticipate from the rest of the home’s decor or one that conveys a glimpse. You’ll always take a moment to sit on the bench in your entryway to tie your laces, and you’ll capture the aesthetic of the space every time you enter or leave the house, no matter how busy you are.

Decor Tip: Use brick to create a geometric pattern on a wall. You can create a diamond geometric pattern or a herringbone pattern, for example.

 Command attention – Living Room Exposed Brick walls design ideas


It goes without saying that the living room is the essence of any home. We entertain our guests and spend most of our leisure time in this space, so it is imperative to make it visually appealing. Your living room’s walls can reveal a lot about your sense of style. The brick wall does the job for you here, capturing and engaging the entire space with its presence and making a bold statement.

Decor Tip: Use vertical wall planters to create a living wall on the brick surface, adding an indoor garden and natural greenery to the space while complementing the rustic feel of the brick wall.

Bon appetit! Kitchen exposed brick wall design ideas


The fact that an interior brick wall is also pretty common in Indian kitchens may not come as a surprise to you as much as it should. Contemporary kitchen designs can integrate brick tiles in pastel tones, while industrial-styled kitchens can maintain the rustic look with raw, exposed bricks. Additionally, you can paint the brick wall that connects to your kitchen countertop.

Sweet dreams ahead: Bedroom Exposed Brick Wall Design Ideas


Exposed brick walls work well in any bedroom, whether it’s for a teenager or a couple. The bedroom’s brick wall offers much more than just contrast; it frequently adds the eccentric touch that your modern bedroom needs. Give your bedroom a fresh look by adding an exposed brick wall. Your room needs more than just a comfortable bed; one interior design technique that will improve your decor without overpowering the scheme of your bedroom is to incorporate exposed brick walls. It not only improves the room’s aesthetic but also makes the decor simple, making it the centre of attention. For the exposed brick wall, white is a common choice in contemporary bedrooms since it blends in with the rest of the room and gives the bedroom a pleasant, airy feel.

Is an exposed brick wall for you?

 Advantages of exposed brick wall designs

Being a cost-effective alternative and having a natural visual appeal, exposed brick wall designs are in every designer’s arsenal. They are also inexpensive when compared to other finished wall options.

It is timeless, and it never goes out of style.

Without having to spend too much time embellishing, you can create an immediate focal point and give a space a sense of dimension without having to hang wallpaper or incorporate an expensive colour scheme.

Disadvantages of exposed brick wall designs

Brick walls make it difficult to incorporate your individual style into a room. Given its texture, it requires long-term upkeep, and if it is not finished properly, it may retain the damp content and become a health issue as well.

When the brick wall is finished, your only alternative for renovation will be a mammoth undertaking, and taking it down necessitates a structural redesign.

With its texture, it is challenging to highlight the wall with frames and may appear garish and overwhelming making it one of the disadvantages of having a exposed brick wall design.

Bringing down the curtain on exposed brick wall designs

 Yes, we love exposed brick designs. We ring your doorbell to reveal that we do indeed adore designs with exposed brick.

Adorned in simplicity, organic exposed brick is versatile and aesthetically appealing in any decor scheme. Exposed brick is one of the few design elements that arouses such powerful emotions. Your home should express your emotions by showcasing your favourite decor style and reflecting your individuality. Of course, nothing would be complete without a few bumps here and there.

It is traditional, refined, and rustic.


What is an exposed brick wall design?

An exposed brick wall design involves showcasing the natural brickwork of a wall as a prominent feature in interior design. It involves leaving the brick wall exposed without covering it with plaster or paint.

What are the benefits of using exposed brick walls in interior design?

Exposed brick walls bring a rustic and industrial charm to a space. They add texture, character, and a sense of history to the environment. Exposed brick can also act as a focal point, providing visual interest and enhancing the overall aesthetic of a room.

Where can exposed brick walls be incorporated in interior design?

Exposed brick walls can be incorporated in various areas of interior design. They are commonly used in living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and bedrooms. Exposed brick can also be utilized in commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, and boutiques to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Can exposed brick walls work in different design styles?

Yes, exposed brick walls are versatile and can complement various design styles. They can add an industrial touch to modern and contemporary spaces, while also enhancing the cozy and rustic feel of traditional or eclectic interiors. The key is to balance the other design elements to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

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