Commercial Interior Design: It’s importance and value addition to our daily lives

Whenever we think of interior design, we straightaway visualise opulent living rooms, warm and cosy homes, fancy, modular kitchens, etc. However, there is one aspect of interior design that eludes the common thinking and has a huge role to play in our daily lives. We are talking about commercial interior design. This category entails not the aesthetics and desires of our personal lives but one that can cater to many tastes, energy levels, and capacities to interact and still serve the commercial purpose of the place to its efficient best.

Commercial interior design brings into its purview any space such as an office, hotel, restaurant, retail store, startup, home office or even a co-working space. Each of these spaces would either be run by an existing company or a new owner, in either case, the design sensibilities would have to accommodate the vision of the company/owner. Once, the leadership vision is incorporated, the next step would obviously be to ensure that the space generates more footfall. In the case of an office or a co-working space it should also infuse elements that boost productivity and interaction.

Now each of these spaces would become places we would frequent on a regular basis, be it for working, shopping, or the movies. Thus, be it the office and co-working space design, a restaurant interior design, or even interior designing for retail space, these spaces must generate more comfort and excitement from the users and/or customers of the space.

A workspace that works for all – Office Interior Design

The framework of an ideal workspace design has evolved over the years as companies move to a more inclusive, sometimes hybrid, and more flexible way of working. Even with the gamut of technological advancements making their foray into every working process, workspace designs need to update to not only support the tech but also the tech-savvy. With diversity and inclusion being more of a conscious effort than just a mandate in organisations, it’s important to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also support the strengths and weaknesses of differently abled people, people across different age groups, and genders. Thus, office interior design is increasingly becoming a divine mix of formal and informal. Office interior design also includes interior design for startup companies, large multinational corporations, as well as home offices. Co-working spaces also fall under this gambit.

Eating is a task; relishing, a design experience – Hotel and Restaurant Interior Design

Think about this, what is it about your favourite restaurant that makes you want to go back again and again? Besides the awesome food of course, there is definitely some part of the interior design and decor element that entices you to come back for more. Because, think about it, if it was only about the food then why the urge to go there, especially in today’s era of super-fast deliveries with the Swiggys and Uber Eats? Well, the trick is in the design of course! Or should we say, the proof is in the pudding! Whether it’s chocolate or vanilla you fancy, doesn’t matter! A great restaurant interior design not only elevates the dining experiences but adds subtle emotional and sensory undertones that you would usually then associate with the food. The ambiance accentuates the aroma accentuates the wait accentuates the food – this could be seen as a good flow for an effective restaurant interior design.

Bringing people and products closer – Retail & Shopping Mall Interior Design

Whether it’s a standalone boutique that you just love or a huge shopping mall where you can spend the entire day in, window shopping, grabbing lunch and cocktails with your friends and a matinee, retail or shopping spaces interior design plays a large part in attracting customers. Even though retail interior design thrives on the same foundations as above, there is a key difference, however. Unlike the other categories, retail interior design is also a function of hard-core brand propositions. For example, a clothing store design would be different from an electronic store design, a supermarket interior design would be far removed from a liquor store design, and so on. While the retail design is more about developing an exciting and purposeful consumer journey, it’s also about elevating the interaction customers have with the products/brand.

Learning in a beautiful environment – Educational Spaces Interior Design

21st-century learning spaces accommodate the unique learning needs of every student and support the positive human relationships needed for effective learning, both formal and informal. Great educational spaces interior design enables students to learn in relevant, real-world 21st-century contexts through project-based work. Creating these types of learning spaces also helps children grow emotionally, socially and physically. Academic achievement, as research from the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) shows, is inextricably intertwined with social, emotional, and physical health. Thus, 21st-century learning environments address the multiple and interconnected learning needs of the whole child. Thus, building superior quality, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing education or learning spaces is imperative to the students’ learning capabilities and educational success.

Fabdiz and its team of expert commercial interior designers are all you need to design your dream commercial interior spaces be it for an office, home office, shop, mall, school or college, hotel or restaurant and any other type of commercial space. Our outstanding and unique design ideas, keen attention to detail, use of only the highest quality materials, transparency in business and quick project delivery timelines makes us your first and only choice for commercial interior design in Bangalore.

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