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Top 6 dining room design inspiration and ideas

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and who doesn’t agree to the fact that when the food is good, it’s a happy day!. However, it’s not just what you’re eating but where you’re eating it too. Especially in India, where we have been culturally designed to eat together, as a family, sharing each one’s happenings of the day, and plans for the next. The place where everyone comes together to break bread plays a big role in not only bringing everyone closer together but also nurtures relationships around them at the dinner table while of course cradling their love for good grub. Now, if you are building your own home or simply looking to renovate your dining space, it would be worth a read to know our top 6 picks for dining room design inspirations and ideas:

A space for everyone, a space of its own


One of the best ways to create a highly personalised yet homely dining space is to carve for it a space of its own. The dining area could even emulate themes distinct from the rest of the house since eating in itself is an experience far from any other. A warm, homely space will ensure everyone feels comfortable around each other, and with elements such as wood, cosy lighting and decor, it could also throw the light of love over the entire family.

Brimming with brights


Professional interior designers would always give you brighter options for dining spaces as it is widely seen and proven that bright textures, paints, and designs infuse a welcoming nature into the space. The above dining room design inspiration thrives on just that thought, with its open schematics beautifully achieved through big windows and palatial flooring, which enhance the sense of space tenfold. While the minimalist furniture allows for ample breathing space so as to not get clumsy during close-knit conversations.

Atomic approach to nuclear families


In the modern context, families are getting smaller by the day but that shouldn’t take away the cultural and spiritual fabric of eating a hearty meal together. Such cosy, quiet corners in a house can serve as a great dining space that allows not only for quality family time but also makes great use for the parents’ morning tea or for hosting an evening party for the closest of friends.

Bring back the farming days


One of the most fascinating aspects of design is its ability to replicate traditional aesthetics and inclinations. Now, with city life, the days of the farmer’s tables are long gone – the tables where the entire family would sit after a day’s work and relish simple yet delicious food prepared from the produce of their own land. However, with the modern techniques such as hydroponics it may be possible to create a small herb garden for yourself while also slicing in the concept of a farmer’s table into your modern city home.

Served hot and near


If there was a dining room design which almost every Indian mother would like it would be the one next to an open kitchen. Indian mothers have an obsession with serving food piping hot and straight from the stove, thus, this could be a great way to not only serve food fresh but also keep an eye on who needs what and keep every item/vessel accessible. On the flip side, this design also gives scope to free up the space required for a separate dining space and is also ideal for nuclear families and/or young couples.

Flexible dining


For those who love to host guests often, they should go down this path as this type of design allows you to manage your dining space depending on the number of people present. The side counter top can double up as a bar or vice versa while the dining table itself can be transformable that can juggle between being a 2 or 4 or 6 seater even. Now it’s time for you to team up with Fabdiz and get your fine dining space design right and ready for perfect family meals and get-togethers with loved ones. Because when you’re cooking up a storm, you should also be eating in the best form!

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