Get Inspired With These Stunning Study Room Design Themes

The study or rec room of the house is where we go to, to escape from the outside world. It’s the room which fuels our functionality, work and creativity at the same time. Enough importance cannot be placed on the need for a customised study room that you love, especially when the whole world had to work from home after the pandemic hit.  

The study or rec room is also where we go when we need a little break from the rest of the house and fam, just to be at one with ourselves and our thoughts. And there are three essential elements that every good study room needs – great lighting, books or your laptop/computer, and of course, a little coffee table because what better to get those creative juices flowing every morning than a hot cup of joe!

Here are 8 stunning and soothing study room interior design ideas to keep you inspired, motivated and focused –

1 – Keep calm and study hard!


Your study room should invoke a sense of zen and calm – after all, how else are you going to calm those nerves while studying before a big exam? Using warm colours, gentle focused lighting for your desk, and surrounding yourself with your favourite things like your most loved books or indoor plants are complementary elements to your super calming study room.

2 – Let there be light!


What should your study room have lots of? Light! Ensure to open those windows to not only let fresh air in for circulation and to refresh your mind but also for ample natural light to enter your room besides your indoor lighting. Depending on the size and design of your study room, choose a coffee table that suits the interiors – you could either go really rustic like a tree bark or ultra-modern like a white chrome coffee table. Whatever type you choose, make sure it represents your serious work side!

3 – Plant the seed of inspiration


Plants have been known to invoke positive vibes in a room be it the living, bedroom or study. They are living beings just like us and grow and thrive better when taken care of well, spoken to and even when played certain kinds of music! Having these little green buddies in your study are sure to do wonders for your creativity and functionality in your work. They are also known as biophilic elements that are known to bring a natural sense of calmness that makes a space refreshing and increases productivity. Depending on how much space your study has, having a mixture of bamboo, ZZ plants, a terrarium perhaps or peace lily plants will definitely plant seeds of wisdom in your study room!

4 – Colour me academic!


What’s your favourite colour? Be it blue, black or red, why not use it in varying shades and tones in your study? If you love wearing your favourite colour for a night out, then why not use it to draw inspiration from when you’re working or studying too? Using paint or wallpaper or even abstract or geometric designs, play around with our favourite colours in your study room. You can even incorporate it into your furniture, like a red or yellow coffee table, to add zing to your study space.

5 – Contemporary attracts cleverness!


Dial up the chic quotient in your study room by either using cool, contemporary colours, ultra-modern furnishings like a steel coat stand, maybe a geometric-inspired bean bag, chess cube cushion covers and so on. This is also the perfect chance to choose a coffee table that matches you and the room. Modern, contemporary coffee tables can create extra storage, include a pop-up workspace, double as a terrarium, or even be a spot to stash your cold snacks! From hyper functional to simply stylish, you’d be surprised to see how much zing a coffee table can add to your contemporary study.

6 – Putting everything on the table!


From mid-century modern to farmhouse chic and everything in between, there’s no dearth to the array of coffee table designs that you can find to fit every type of style and budget. Enjoy your morning wake-up drink, whether it’s coffee or green tea, stack your coffee table with books, or get comfy on the floor and work off your laptop on your coffee table! All you have to do is choose the one that you love most!

7 – A room for all ages


And we mean ages in both ways – a room where your kids can let their imagination run wild or study well before a big exam, where grandma and grandpa can skype with the fam and where mom and dad can take their zoom meetings! We also mean a room where the design can go from ‘old is gold’ traditional that incorporates your roots, culture and heritage or ‘classic contemporary’ modern that uses the latest in present-day, stylish interiors.

8 – Deck the walls!


Let’s not forget the walls of your study room. Study room walls should echo a sense of creativity to let you think beyond just the books and your laptop or smart device. The walls should give you the freedom to have fun yet be focused and productive. It could be with designer wallpaper, patterns with paints, or even a brick or stone design. You could even have a pastel or one-tone wall colour and put up paintings or works of your favourite artists, family photographs, caricatures and so on. Wall decorations and designs can do a lot for your study room so make sure you deck them with designs that you desire!  

Now that we’ve “studied” and shared with you our top choices for sophisticated, creative and fun study room interior design, it’s time for you to take your pick! We at Fabdiz are ready to brainstorm with you and build you a study room that will make all your personal and professional dreams come true!

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