Live it up in style and opulence! Our Top Picks For Living Room Interior Design 2022

Living Room Design ideas

Living Room Interior Design Ideas Let us ask you a question. What is it that you look forward to after an exhausting day? Is it just cosying up on the couch with Netflix and a microwavable mac n cheese to accompany with? Or is it enjoying quality family time exchanging anecdotes of your day. Or it could simply be passing out on the living room rug with a favourite book in hand.

No matter how each of us wish to end our day or begin a new one for that matter, this companion of a space called the living room, does all the bearing for us. Regardless of one’s routine or purpose, a well-designed den of living room serves as the stepping stone towards the ultimate mood/vibe of the house. It’s the room where you and your loved ones come together either for quick chit chat or long heartfelt conversations. It’s not only about hosting people and giving them a glimpse into your individualistic taste and style but is also about owning a space that resonates with the many personalities you don throughout the day, which is what makes your living room interior design so important.

So, why not delve a little deeper and unearth some striking and nerve-soothingly beautiful living room interior designs and aesthetics that you could try or we could try together for you this year.

At one with warmth

One of the many ways in which you can actually make your living room a serene haven is to infuse warmth, more amber lighting, lush linens and rugs, and comfortable sofas. This approach to living room designing gives a sense of lived-in-ness. Comfort, warmth and style all go hand-in-hand in this pristine and luxurious living room interior design.

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At one with collections

If you are someone with a passion for art, books, or any collectibles, awards even, you must approach your living room interior design in a way that brings all those passions within you out and around you, not only for people to admire, but to also give you a sense of belonging and pride in your home and your living room.

Living Room Interior Design

One of your own

Personalization never goes out of fashion; with space crunch becoming a huge issue in bigger cities, it’s always a fair idea to follow the rule of subtraction i.e. eliminating all other ideas until you are left with the one and only design that truly represents what you are. Thus, with the help of experienced living room interior designers, you must not only use a minimalistic living room interior design approach but also an approach that gives you a space that is extremely personal and unique to you and/or your social circle (whichever is more important).


One of everyone

Ofcourse, how could we forget the party givers, the outgoers, the ones who would never spend their valuable money on a house if it can’t host their friends! This blend of modern yet traditional living room design brings the concept of open spaces for interaction while considering modern elements such as accommodating furniture, inclusive lighting, contemporary furniture and more.

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So, having given you our top picks for this year’s living room interior design, it’s time for you to team up with the top home interior designers from Fabdiz to help bring your dream den interior design to life! We are a top residential as well as commercial interior design firm in Bangalore and our expert interior designers are ready to take on any home living room interior design challenge you may pose to them!

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