Live It Up With These Truly Stunning Indian Living Room Designs

Indian culture has always been rooted in the true essence of hospitality and thus, goes the saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ meaning a guest is almost equal to god. In such a context it’s not surprising to think that hosting guests or making sure they love the experience of your home is of utmost importance that’s reflected in the Indian living room designs.

Right from beautifully carved out gates to warm cosy spaces to sit and have chai with some crisp snacks to accompany has been an Indian cultural norm. And at the heart of it all sits the opulence, aesthetics, emotions, and love of a stunning Indian living room.

Today, we are going to look at some ways to make the perfectly hospitable Indian living room design:

The Cult Classics


When we talk about living room design ideas or inspirations it’s hard not to imagine the bright, vibrant colours typically found in the households of Rajasthan, villages of the northern, and some of the central parts of India. With their quirky yet highly authentic designs that emanate a sense of rooted grandeur, these aesthetics have found their acceptance equally in the rural and the urban interior design landscape. A strong play with wood and antiques would be a great way to give your living room a touch of these splendid design aesthetics. Moving on to colour, this style relies a lot on pairing the right pastels with wood or sometimes leather.

The Royal Affair


From times long forgotten to the modern era defined by minimalism, if there’s anything that has sustained itself strongly within the heart of every Indian is their love for intricate, absolutely royal and regal designs. With the materials and expertise available at Fabdiz, it’s now possible to replicate the similar vibes within your living room. This should be an Indian living room design inspiration for those with an undying love for the classic and the regal.

The Open Plan


As a hot and humid country, our architectural designs are rooted in the need for making a home airy and lit. However, with the growing craze for things such as wide open verandahs, or windows have given a modern twist to the tale. Using Indian living room design as a reference one can easily bring nature outdoors into their indoors while also creating a space that’s always well lit and plays in the breeze.

A Touch Of Warmth


India has always been known for its unique, rustic, and highly rooted furnishings. With curated articles such as customised swings, chairs, and lighting one can give birth to a lavish-looking yet a very warm living room design.

Ethically Ethnic


India’s finesse and unique taste in ethnic has awed people the world over. Maybe it’s time that we as designers brought these into the realm of Indian living room designs through the use of fabrics and textures which flaunt the ethnic aspects of India’s rich creative diversity. With bright popping colours and nuanced patterns, this theme will be perfect for a playful Indian family with a myriad of generations living under the same roof – this theme binds different age groups, sensibilities, and energy levels to create the perfect homely feeling.

Touring The Traditions


How can we talk about stunning Indian living room designs and not really include the classic, manorish grandeur which is a marriage between the colonial Indian charm and the modern opulence? Larger than life aesthetics, leather, and wood make up this last but certainly the most sought after Indian living room design theme.

And there you have it! Our top picks for modern as well as traditional Indian living room design themes that are sure to have you ‘living it up’ in your special place – your home. Give us a buzz to make your living room the next buzz of the town!

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