Living in a Goan-Themed Home with Breezy Interiors

Who doesn’t love Goa? The beaches, the sunny weather, the laid-back nature of the people, or the abundance of ocean water and breeze, Goa has surely lent a unique touch to its houses, lifestyle, food, and more importantly – its vibe. While the idea of a Goan home may not be within the reach of many, people have surely been replicating the Goan style and aesthetics to bring in a dash of breeze and beauty into their city homes.

Interior designers have also been studying Goa as a subject since the demand for a Goan vibe inside the homes has spruced up recently. Using various design strokes such as the inclusion of an outdoor kitchen or designing the space like a cottage-inspired home, designers are more often than not able to satisfy the goan-craving their clients usually have. From beachy vibes to boho decor, here’s some of the ways in which you can also infuse your favourite Goan element within the interiors of your home.


Sometimes even labelled as colonial-style decor, what actually brings the real, authentic Goan vibe into interior design is surely going down the classical town. Broad open windows, rustic wooden doors, equally awe-inspiring furniture and the walls beholding enormous nostalgia within – this could be your way towards achieving a splendidly beautiful Goan-themed home.

An unwinding invitation


One of the characteristic elements of a Goan life is the laid back nature of its people and that is also reflected in the architecture as almost every house or homestay will have a space perched outside where the family can come together, relish delectable goan dishes, and just watch the time go by. These spaces for the city homes can also be infused with quirky colours and a feeling of openness  to bring in the unmatched goan vibe and chill.

Bestow the brights and all the lights


One of the more simpler ways to design a goan themed house would be to look at a generous amount of sunlight. Being a beach town, Goa is abundant in fresh, natural sunlight which makes everything you look at much better and brighter. Having wide open balconies or windows as part of the spatial design would help infuse a lot of light which when paired with carved furniture gives an authentic goan feel to the interiors. Usually colours such as white, pink, turquoise, and other mindfully selected pastels work wonders when it’s about bringing in beachy vibes into the house.

A riot of colours and art


Goa has always been the love spot for artists not just from India but from all over the world. People go to Goa in search of solace and peace to be able to pour their hearts and minds in their creation. From writers to painters to musicians to performing artists, everyone has left a piece of their art and heart in Goa. Thus, it may be a great idea to bring in collective artistic inspirations in the form of colours and fabrics in order to achieve that rustic, youthful Goan look.

While it’s highly possible to replicate the goan vibe for your city home, it must be noted that an experienced interior designer such as Fabdiz will always bring in their innovative cents into the plan and elevate it a notch higher. Whether it’s through the inclusion of a wooden panelled ceiling or going for a completely Goan vintage look, it will mostly depend on the understanding between the designer-planner and the client. Having said that, these sort of interior designs heavily rely on the architecture, the more versatile the architecture, the easier it will be to bring in the authentic Goan style and aesthetics into the design schemes.

Choose Fabdiz for your Goan-inspired interiors and wake up to Goa everyday! Our expert interior designers will have a go at all your ideas and give you a Goan home that’s as good as being in the holiday haven itself!

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