Bangalore is a city that has more than ½ a million sq. ft. of prime office space, which is the highest in the world. Bangalore is the biggest market for start-ups and big business projects. There are many offices with big names holding a niche place in Bangalore. The office represents the motives and productivity of the company. A company wants to immediately strike the notes with people entering its office.

Interior Design  plays an important role in representing the company’s ideas and energy. The designing of office place has taken a revolutionary change and has become quirkier. The employees are spending a good number of hours in office and the employers want to keep them motivated and energized throughout.

Commercial Interior Designers in Bangalore have rolled their sleeves up to bring out innovative and workable solutions for office space. There is some tough competition, and the designers are concentrating hard enough to deliver the best. Fabdiz is an interior design company in Bangalore which specializes in customized out-of-box ideas for office interiors.

Designing an office space is a tricky thing as lot of important things and details need to be kept under consideration. The health, happiness and productivity of the team depends a lot on the interior design of an office. To get the best output from the team the office space must be inspiring, energizing and organized. A lot of confusion is created when the office is too congested, confusing and lacks mobility.


Mobility is an important factor in office designing. The office is basically lined with many desk and chairs or working zones, which needs to be created such that each one has enough breathing space and does not clash while moving in and out. It is not that once you go to your desk you cannot come out at your own will.


Often office space needs to be sometimes converted into entertainment zone specially in times of celebration. Unless an office has a separate, entertainment zone, which is unlikely in today’s squeezing space area, an office must have convertible options with furniture and space. Although most of the offices are ruling out the option of cubicles against a more relaxed work place, it becomes morechallenging to make the relaxed place more productive and accommodating.


Furniture plays a very important role, as the employee is occupying it most of the time. It must obviously be sturdy and strong, at the same time be of proper height and breadth. Lot of health problems have been seen in recent years due to improper sitting. Standing height desk, desk on wheels, foldable desk, or a lounging area where employees can sit with their gadgets can be some of the options, where employees can swap places and allow their muscles to relax.

Colour combination

Colours reflect the mood and can change the mood and spirit of a place. People have always laid great stress on the use of colour in office interiors. Colourful bright colours are preferred over dull and boring colours. Colour are also responsible for the reflection of lights; hence a balance of light and dark colour is more preferred in the office. A splash of green in the form of life plants not only brings life to the office but is also good health wise.


Office is basically work oriented that needs an ensemble of proper lighting, that can stand to be lighted 24/7 without emitting heat and causing blare and headache. Employees sitting continuously under light, have found to suffer many types of irritation. Hence many offices have experimented with more natural lights, which is not always a possibility with offices cornered around so closely. Hence the challenge of an interior designer lies in placement and usage of lights that do not stress the employees.

Fabdiz is an interior designing company in Bangalore which believes in collaborating and presenting the ideas of the client in the fixed time, with regular updating on the project. It believes in agile platform of working which most of the companies are in to adapting. Not showing the client the complete project, but meeting the basic goals at each stage, so that the client can see what they are getting at an earlier stage, and need not wait for the end result, which could be disappointing and then hard to rectify.