Pooja room interior design ideas

Pooja room interior design ideas

We all need a space where our external self finds a home to connect with our inner self. In most Indian families, such a space would ideally be a prayer/pooja room and in other families, a mindfulness room. As seen traditionally, a puja room is no longer just a space where you keep idols, or simply conduct your religious practices but a space that allows us to unwind in isolation, connects us as a family during pujas, and upholds and uplifts our spirits when we need it the most.

A great pooja room interior design would actually capture the sensibilities of those dwelling, the aesthetic opportunities provided by the space, and an ambience that exudes warmth and energy at the same time.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which interior designers in India are creating some of the best puja room design plans: Let there be light when all seems dark

One of the most common approaches to a highly positive puja room design is to consider the aspect of light. Since, in most Indian homes, a puja room is a representative of early mornings or evenings, the amount of light entering the room can play a great role in creating the perfect ambience to focus, pray, meditate, and more.

Pooja room interior design ideas

Aesthetics that bring you closer to yourself

Pooja room design aesthetics should always ensure calmness and must harp on the design’s ability to manipulate/guide emotions. Since praying is a highly personal process, one must be able to own a space where they feel like they belong, are protected, and mysteriously heard yet unheard by anyone at the same time.

Pooja room interior designers in Bangalore

Nature, the god ultimate

Connecting with nature is probably the best way to either pray or meditate, so why not bring outside nature into the interior realm of a great pooja room design idea of your home?

Utilitarian yet unique

All said and done, puja rooms come with their own set of purposes and practices, and those practices do require a lot of elements. Thus, an ideal and highly functional puja room for an Indian household must have enough storage to keep/store everything, and if possible there can be a service corner for washing-related activities.

Pooja room interior designers in Bangalore

Come to us for your personalised pooja room or prayer room interior designs; our expert home and pooja room interior designers at Fabdiz will conceptualise and design your pooja room with the utmost beauty, intricacy and attention to detail for your daily dose of prayer, meditation and peace of mind.

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