Red, white or green: Try these 5 mean home interior design ideas this Xmas!

The onset of December is special for many reasons as it not only marks the beginning of winter but also ushers in the festive cheer with Christmas and New Year around the corner. Much like any other Indian festival, even Christmas is synonymous with a lot of lights, laughter, and good food. It’s also one of those times of the year when everybody is busy cleaning up their homes and decorating them. Right from the glee of the green Christmas tree, to the amber of lights that hang on it, to the merry jingle of the bells, most homes look their best during this time of the year. So, as we approach Christmas in 2022, it’s also an occasion for us to celebrate in full fervour and aim to move on from the loss that bestowed the years gone by. Here we bring to you the 5 best ideas to elevate your home interior design using the reds, whites, and greens of Christmas!

Winter is coming

One of the key features of good Christmas decor is to be able to create a wintery vibe. To achieve this you can actually go the minimalist way and only focus on whites and browns in addition to the green tree (of course). This also makes the space feel warm and cozy and is perfect for close-knit get-togethers and parties. 



In contrast to the above inspiration, you can even go the opposite way of actually using a range of ornaments and paper art to decorate the tree. Using a lot of warm and red colours that completely take away the greenish vibe allows you to create something eye-catching and unique.


Go green, really

The most interesting part of Christmas decor is the many ways in which you can look at it. It’s a festival that features a limited colour palette yet the combinations and pairings one can use within that are spellbinding. Accentuating the greens across the home along with the Christmas tree helps in creating a lively, energetic atmosphere.


A Win:Vintage situation

Christmas is also a great way for us Indians to bring the regal, colonial vibes back into our modern homes. Using a mindful blend of muted whites and greens not only makes the space look utterly wintery but also throws a few merry vintage punches around.


Play around with textures

Usually, with all the ornaments and lights that one places on a tree, it’s difficult to establish textures. However, breaking up simple pieces such as flower garlands, frosted branches, etc once can give their walls and the Christmas tree itself a much more textured outlook.


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