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Avant-Garde Home Interiors Designers In Bangalore

Ahead of the curve in Residential Design, we set trends and shape homes to reflect innovation and style.

With a style that’s both boundless and refined, our team of interior designers in Bangalore brings to life homes that narrate the stories of their inhabitants. 

At Fabdiz, our creative team of interior designers specializes in crafting spaces that are not only spacious, light-filled, and comfortable but also visually pleasing.

Partnering closely with you, our Bangalore-based home interior design experts ensure that your dream home becomes a luxurious haven built to withstand the test of time.

3-Steps To Your Dream Home Interiors

office tour


  • Take a stroll around our experience center and explore our room concepts.

  • Get hands-on with different quality materials and components, and see the final finishes.

  • Let’s sit and understand your style, lifestyle, and functional needs.

  • Lay out your expectations, requirements, and budget with our expert interior designers in Bangalore.


  • We’ll create a mood board to visually represent ideas and concepts.

  • We’ll also present a 2D representation of your home and suggest different color palettes.

  • Additionally, we can arrange site visits so you can see designs in real life.

  • At this stage, our interior designers in Bangalore will present a tentative quote for the project.
Contemporary Living Room with Blue Sofa


  • Once we have an idea of what suits you best, you can select materials and finishes.

  • We’ll bring ideas to life with stunning 3D renderings and detailed plans.

  • With the designs finalized, our interior designers in Bangalore can pin down a timeline and budget.

Living Room Designs That Leave An Impression

Give your gathering place the ultimate glow-up. With a great passion for home interior design, we understand that the living room is the anchor of your home’s interior. It speaks volumes about your personality and daily lifestyle. 

With best interior designers in Bangalore on our team, we believe the living room should be designed with its central role in mind. Here, you read your books, watch Netflix, eat your meals, entertain guests—you live. 

Modern living requires a similarly multifaceted design scheme, and we’re here to create a space that perfectly suits your needs.

Highly Refined Aesthetic Bedroom Interior Designs

Crafting Enviable Bedroom Designs: A Retreat You Actually Deserve

Kitchens For Every Budget & Lifestyle

Which convey a soulful elegance through a natural, relaxed sense of space…

Pooja Rooms for Every Home & Heart

Which convey a soulful elegance through a natural, relaxed sense of space…


Bathrooms for Every Comfort & Style

Which convey a soulful elegance through a natural, relaxed sense of space…


Why Choose Our Interior Designers In Bengaluru ?

FABDIZ Residential Interior Designers In Bangalore Vs Local Carpenters

200+ 5-Star Reviews on

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Srutishree Choudhury

The entire process took us about 4 months from conceptualization, design to execution. The team was always responsive to our inputs and questions. All in all a very good experience. Thanks team 😊

Bharat Shinde

After reading in the reviews that Fabdiz delivers what they promise I gave them a contract to make my home. I am happy with the result. The team has taken care of every single detail and professionally completed the project in time.

Kunal Suryansh

They delivered my project in 45 days as they committed. From concept to execution, the team displayed creativity, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to our vision. The final result exceeded our expectations, creating a home that beautifully reflects our style.


Like Most people here I chose Fabdiz after reading a lot of online reviews and comparing them with other big interiors like Home Lane, Livspace, Design Cafe, Bonito, etc. I see a lot of houses done in my appartment by many other interiors but to me and my wife we feel we have the best house interiors thanks to Fabdiz.

Sudevi Sen

We recently had the interiors of my apartment done by Fabdiz. The final outcome was exactly what we had envisioned and the quality of their work is good. During the product installation stage, there was a small issue with the finishing and some miscommunication during the installation stage but the agency rectified it with immediate effect.

Aman Aniket

We scouted a bunch of interior firms before landing on Fabdiz – we wanted the right balance of processes and individuality, and for most of the experience, we made the right choice. Right from design to physical execution, Fabdiz has more or less stood up to our expectations on how we envisioned our interiors to come across.

BROWSE Our Home Interior Design PROJECTS

Every home is different…

Our Turnkey Interior Design Solution Packages

From conceptualization to curation to putting everything in its place, we undertake complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments

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Modular Kitchen
Living Room Interior Design
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Best Interior Designers in Bangalore
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The Design Studio

We have our flagship Interior Design Studio in Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, featuring an interior designing experience center where you can visualize your dream home. 

Given the expansive landscape of Bengaluru, we have a top team of interior designers in Bangalore deployed for each area to ensure we don’t miss a valuable customer. 

Visit us to explore our home interior design concepts and meet our team of top interior designers in Bangalore under one roof. Our interior designers in Bangalore are always ready to assist you in creating your dream home. 

We also have offices in Kolkata, Hyderabad & Vizag.

All products that we deliver are made in-house, within our own factory located in Bangalore. Not to brag, but we were one of the first design firms in all of India to set up a dedicated, in-house manufacturing plant.

Our talented creative team led by the founders Vineet & Hemant operate from the design studio and we welcome you to visit and experience design with all your senses.

About FABDIZ's Interior Designing Team in Bangalore

Our enthusiastic team is committed to delivering the highest quality projects. They’re helpful, friendly and take communication very seriously.

We plan the execution of the projects flexibly, as per the needs of the customer. The reason that our collection is very innovative and creative is that it is a product of close collaboration with our customers to bring their dreams into reality.

We plan each project to the dot, paying close attention to the smallest details. Our turnaround time is strictly 45 days, as opposed to the industry’s standard of 60-90 days. We have successfully completed well over 300 projects. We, Bangalore’s best interior designers innovate our customer’s spaces, designed to awe and inspire. 


Courtyard House Design


best interior designers in Bangalore

In a span of 10 years, Fabdiz Interiors has served more than 300+ clients, each of who has been immensely satisfied by our service.

FABDIZ representatives James and Aishwarya receiving the best interior designers in Bangalore award in Goa.

International Glory Award of the year 2021, Goa

We received the "Best Interior Design firm of the year 2021" award for residential and commercial projects presented at the IGA event - International Glory Awards 2021 held at Park Regis, Goa.

Fabdiz receives the most creative Interior Design Company in Bangalore award in 2021.

Most Innovative Interior Design Firm Of The Year 2021, Karnataka

We received the "Most Innovative Interior Design firm of the year 2021, Karnataka" award for residential and commercial projects presented at the National Architecture & Interior Design Conference & Awards event in 2021.

Fabdiz receives the most promising Interior Design Company in Bangalore award in 2021.

Promising Interior Design Firm Of The Year - 2021, Karnataka

We received the "Most Promising Interior Design Firm of the Year - 2021, Karnataka" award presented by and Business Mint.

Fabdiz receives the award for best interior designers in Bangalore

Most Innovative Interior Design Firm Of The Year 2020, Karnataka

We received the "Most Innovative Interior Design firm of the year 2020, Karnataka" for residential and commercial projects at the National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020 event held at Taj West end, Bangalore.

FABDIZ Interior designer in Bangalore

Fabdiz leaders Vineet and Hemant featured in Silicon India Magazine

Except: "Abreast of engendering creative themes, impeccable designs, and skillful execution with intact quality, there is an ‘X’-perience factor that makes an interior reflect your persona and satisfy you from the inside of your heart, which is tough to measure, sometimes hard to find, and often difficult to define."

Fabdiz founders Vineet and Hemanth receiving the Most Promising Interior Design Companies in Bangalore for 21st Century Learning Spaces

Most Promising Turnkey Solution Providers for 21st Century Learning Spaces - 2021, Karnataka

Fabdiz has been Awarded with "Most Promising Turnkey Solution Providers for 21st Century Learning Spaces" award presented by The Chancery Pavillion, Bangalore.

Curated Quality, Global Excellence

We work closely with brands who are industry leaders in their respective fields, allowing us to use the best materials for your home.

Häfele hardware and fitting systems
REHAU North America
Greenlam Laminates
Merino Laminates
Century Laminates
Realtouch Laminates
Royale Touche
Merino Laminates

Trusted Collaborators

We work closely with partners who are industry leaders in their respective fields, allowing us to use the best materials for your home interiors in Bengaluru.

Brigade Exotica
Mantri Serenity
Brigade Cosmopolis
Mani Casadona
Brigade LakeFront
Prestige FERNS Residency
Brigade Group
Bren Zahara
Vajram Newtown
The Vogue Residences
Sobha HRC
Sobha Dream Gardens
Prestige Finsbury Park
Hiranandani Queensgate
Concorde Auriga
Purva Zenium

FAQs On Home Interior Designers In Bengaluru

Why choose Fabdiz Interiors for your home interior design in Bangalore?

At Fabdiz Interiors, we specialize in creating thoughtful, timeless designs that blend beauty and comfort. We craft homes to reflect your unique style, making us the best interior designer in Bangalore for personalized home interior design.

Interior designing costs in Bangalore vary based on project scope. At FABDIZ, we provide customised solutions to suit various budgets while upholding high standards. As the best interior designer in Bangalore, we specialise in home interior design that balances affordability with quality.

The cost of an interior design project in Bangalore is determined by factors such as space size, design complexity, materials, and labor. As the best interior designer in Bangalore specializing in home interior design, we offer tailored quotes based on your specific requirements. Contact us for a detailed assessment.

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our transparent pricing model ensures you get the best value for your investment.
Floor Plan
Transparent Quotation

The cost for a 2BHK flat in Bangalore varies depending on the design requirements and materials selected. We offer customised packages to fit different budget ranges. For a rough estimate, a 2BHK designed by our expert interior designers at Fabdiz could cost anywhere between 4L and 10L, depending on the specifics of your project.

The cost for a 3BHK flat in Bangalore depends on the design complexity and materials chosen. For a rough estimate, a 3BHK designed by our expert interior designers in Bangalore could cost anywhere between 7L and 15L. To get a personalised quote and discuss your specific needs, reach out to our interior designers in Bangalore at Fabdiz. We’re here to help you create your dream home.

To find affordable budget interior designers in Bangalore for home interior design, consider comparing quotes, checking portfolios, and seeking referrals. Look for reputed firms like FABDIZ, recognized as the best interior designer in Bangalore for their cost-effective solutions.

Interior designers provide services such as space planning, design consultation, furniture selection, color coordination, and project management to enhance your home’s interior in Bangalore.

Yes, interior designers in Bangalore specialise in creating space-saving designs that maximise your living area while ensuring style and functionality are maintained. At FABDIZ, our focus is on crafting personalised home interior designs that optimise every inch of space effectively.

The difference between interior design and decorating is that interior design involves planning and creating functional spaces, including structural changes, while decorating focuses on aesthetic enhancements such as furniture, colour schemes, and accessories.

Yes, interior designers at Fabdiz frequently collaborate with builders, contractors, architects, engineers, and other professionals involved in development, renovation, or reconstruction projects. This collaboration ensures that the construction or remodelling endeavours work seamlessly and achieve their objectives. Our interior designers in Bangalore are dedicated to achieving the best results through effective teamwork and coordination.

When hiring home interior designers in Bangalore, consider factors such as their experience, portfolio, customer reviews, pricing, and their ability to understand and execute your vision. Choosing the right interior designers in Bangalore ensures your project is in capable hands and meets your expectations.

The timeline for each project completion is typically 90 days, with a maximum of 30 days allocated for the design phase. Our interior designers in Bangalore ensure that the project stays on schedule, delivering quality results within the stipulated time frame.

Yes, at Fabdiz, you get to select materials and designs along with our interior designers. We provide a wide range of materials to choose from, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal. Our designers guide you in selecting the best materials for your project, ensuring your vision comes to life perfectly.

Yes, we offer home consultations to understand your space and requirements better. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

We have an in-house manufacturing unit to tailor all our design needs. This allows us to maintain strict quality control and ensure the best outcome for your project.

Yes, we welcome visits to our completed projects for you to witness our work firsthand. Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a visit at your convenience.

We maintain clear communication throughout every stage of your project. Our designers provide regular updates through images and video calls to keep you informed about each phase. This transparent process ensures that we track progress diligently, keeping your project on schedule and meeting your expectations for timely completion.

You can easily get in touch with us through a phone call at 096064 59716. Alternatively, we welcome you to visit our experience center located in Kalyan Nagar. Here, you can immerse yourself in our designs, feel the materials firsthand, and have a detailed discussion with our team about your project requirements.

Yes, Fabdiz offers a 10-year warranty on all of it’s interior design projects to ensure quality and durability. Warranty details may vary based on the project scope and materials used.