The Art of Living Is An Art In Itself: Ways To A Vaastu-Friendly Living Room

Modern Living Room

In India, we often associate and deploy most of our home value into the living room. This is mainly due to two reasons; we are a culture rooted in community and hospitality that wishes to greet their guests in the best way possible, and our families are accustomed to the comfort of a well-spread living room. While in most households, the bedroom is strictly reserved for good nights sleep, the living room often doubles up as the place for quick naps, snacking, TV bingeing and more during the evening hours

Now, if there’s so much importance being attached to a space, there must be enough attention that’s paid to uplift the vibes of that space too. Vaastu is an ancient Indian science-backed set of methodologies that leverages the power given to us through nature and its elements. Using Vaastu as a foundation, one can easily build a congenial space that boosts positivity for those dwelling in it.

Here, we will discuss the top 5 ways in which you can, using Vaastu, master the art of living in a healthy, happy home:

Start from the start

Since most living rooms are also the first space inside the home after the main entrance, it makes sense to use Vastu for designing the main entrance. As per Vastu, the main entrance should be facing the East, North or North east direction.


Lucidly located

The living room itself should, according to Vaastu, be located in the north or east direction; in case you are considering a south-facing home/building then the living room should be located in the southeast corner. For happy social organisms, this location could also work to be the southwest direction.


Slope-a-mine Rush

Vaastu says that having a subtle slope/incline in the floor and the ceiling towards the East or North direction could bring in a lot of good luck and positive energy.


Where should the TV be?

One of the most important questions is, isn’t this? So, Vaastu observes that the best place for the TV in the living room should be the South-East corner. If placed towards the northwest, the members are sure to spend a lot of waking hours watching the screen.


Home is where the art is

The northeast corner of the living room wall serves as a great place for painting or art aficionados. This location aids maximum absorption of the energies emitted by the hangings. Needless to say, avoid pictures/art with negative depictions or energy-tempering concepts.


So, if you are at the stage where you are either looking to build your dream home or looking at a massive renovation project, these ideas should set you up to craft a highly positive and warm living room. Also, don’t forget, we at Fabdiz are here to vamp up your Vaastu living spaces for Happy living!

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