The most striking and trending Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

For most of us, when we think of a great bedroom, the first two things we consider are the bed and the wardrobe, and everything else is a matter of taste and decor. If a survey is done, most people, if they had to pick one thing in the house they are unhappy with, would pick the wardrobe. It’s sad that in an era of modern and cutting-edge interior designs we aren’t succeeding at blending looks with functionality. While some wardrobes would look jazzy and offer enormous amounts of storage, most of those storage areas won’t be easily accessible, some would be the other way around. 

We’re here to help you get past this confusion and avail yourself of excellent bedroom wardrobe design that not only ticks the above boxes but also takes care of the way we move around and utilise the rest of the bedroom.

Here are our picks for the best bedroom wardrobe designs for 2022:

Hinged door closet: One of the most conventional yet widely used wardrobe designs, not just in India but in many parts across the world, this gives you a variety of ways in which you can keep your stuff such as the hanging space for shirts, shelves for shirts, drawers, and even lockers. The only drawback, however, is that they open from the outside, taking up inches worth of extra space from the free-movement zone.


Free standing wardrobe: Most suitable for those who either need to shift houses or like to move around their stuff periodically. This wardrobe design isn’t a part of the interior scheme however, can be made in a way that compliments the surrounding designs.


Sliding door cabinet: One of the most preferred wardrobe designs in modern times, this takes away the aspect of taking extra space and allows you to move between segments through seamless slides.


Walk-in closet: A dream for many, a pride and joy for some, a walk-in closet is also seen as a sign of success and personal exuberance. Not only does it allow your exhaustive clothing and apparel to feel home but also give you a space where you don’t just get ready but prepare yourself for the day.


  1. Dual-tone sliding wardrobe 

Sliding wardrobe designs offer the benefits of more storage, easy positioning in the room, as well as a stylish contemporary design. The dual tone and / or dual hinged designs only add to the aesthetics and functionality of these very spacious and contemporary wardrobe designs


Now that you know our top picks for chic wardrobe designs, it’s time for you to team up with the best interior design firm to let us get cracking on your cracker of a wardrobe! Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner won’t know what hit them!

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