These Things in Your Living Room Are Super-Dirty or Cluttered!

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How to keep your living room spic and span

If there’s anything uniquely particular about an Indian home, it is the urge to have the most guest-friendly living room. The living room isn’t only the space where you host family and friends but also where the entire home chills and puts their feet up whenever they have the time. It’s more often than not the place to snack and watch television, lie down and read your favourite books, have tea and conversations, and whatnot.

However, even the most aesthetically designed living rooms turn into our outhouse in no time. From clothes to books to laptops to food, everything starts finding its own space in the living room slowly as we go on. These habits lead to piling up of things which shouldn’t be in the living room and finally when it’s time for the guests, it doesn’t look as appealing as you thought it would. 

Here are a few tips that can help you keep your nicely designed living room looking just the way it should:

Do a morning clean-up


During the time between evening and dinner, most families have the tendency to use the living room as their breakout area, after all that is where everyone comes together. However, this may lead to all of us bringing our things such as books, phones, ipads, blankets which may not return to the room the same night. If each of us spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the morning going through the living room and taking back things which belong in our respective rooms, the living room can already become a lot tidier for whatever the day may throw at you.

Buy one throw two


Most of us have the habit of buying new things while forgetting that with time the carpet area of the home isn’t increasing. In fact, if it has been, it decreases. Mindlessly buying expensive things alone aren’t going to keep your house attractive. One must look at the house like a nice fruit basket, not the more the better, the lesser the better. What it means is that everytime you buy a new item make sure you identify two things which you no longer need and can throw away or thrift off for some money as well.

Storage is key


Even while designing your living room, keep in mind all your collective habits and things you always require and convey it to the designer too as that will help them provide you with enough storage and innovative object management designs in the plan.

Spend on fabric


Right from the curtains to your sofa linens, every fabric adds a touch of beauty to a living room design. Adjudge the colour tone of your house after analysing the wall paints, how they look in sunlight versus at night and then conclude on a fabric that matches not only the above points but also your taste. 

You now have our tips on how to keep your living room spacious, spic and span! Now let’s get to work together!

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