Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

When the Amabani’s refused to move into their the-then brand new, India’s most expensive abode in the heart of Mumbai, the news left the entire country in shock. However, the reason that was made official is they wanted to fix the Vastu of their home before moving in with the family. The decision may have raised a few eyebrows because an enormous tangible cost was associated with Antillia but Vastu is something that many people believe in and want to get right.

Vastu is neither a superstition nor a design invention, it’s a highly scientific approach to design that provides a holistic overview of what living together in a home means and entails. Having said that, Vastu is a practical approach, that can be followed by literally anyone, it isn’t dependent on costs but on practices. So, let’s find out some of the best Vastu tips you can use for your home:

Entrance tips as per Vastu


The entrance should be facing either the north, east, or the north-east side. One of the popular beliefs is that it helps circulate more air and natural light (thus, positivity) into the home. While most developers and builders follow this in their plan, you may want to check it before finalising your purchase.

Dining room tips as per vastu


As per the vastu philosophy, it’s not at all recommended for the dining space to be situated in the south-west zone. You have the flexibility to choose between different directions but west is the most highly recommended.

Living room tips as per vastu


The living room in order to be vastu compliant is required to be clutter free with the furniture placed in the west or south west direction. This is known to increase active energies within the space and also make people who aren’t living in the house feel comfortable instantly.

Bedroom tips as per vastu


Unlike your dining space, the bedroom should be located in the south-west direction. It is believed that the north-east direction can cause health issues while the south-east direction can lead to arguments and fights.

Staircase area tips as per vastu


While the direction for a staircase may vary according to the house and space and must be guided by a vastu expert it’s strongly advised to not have it situated in the north-east direction. The compliance of vastu in staircases is highly crucial to maintain love and harmony within the home.

So, as you can see, Vastu not only plays an important role in how people feel in and about their home but also follows a didactic approach to living together. Team up with Fabdiz to get your vaastu tips for pooja room on point!

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