Ways to increase productivity in your study or reading room

In the era of work from home when many have had to use bed-top tables, dining tables, dining countertops as their work areas, all of us would have realised the importance of a proper work/study space. Many of us would relate that it’s all hunky dory in the initial days but as time goes by we feel we get used to the space and get much less work done as compared to the initial days. Honestly, it isn’t the space, it’s your head playing tricks.

Take a look at these innovative ways to spruce up the atmosphere in your study room:


So, in order to keep your study a space where you are prompted to be more productive and engaged with your work, you need to follow a few simple steps: 

  • Reduce distractions: Many have experienced that having gadgets around reduces our focus on what we are doing. Anything that beeps on its own propels us to multitask, so, if your work/study doesn’t involve a ton of gadgets, keep them away to be more focused.
  • The right choice of colours: Colours have the power to immensely affect our psyche and thoughts. Thus, in order to build a space that allows us to get a lot of work done, choose your colours wisely. Yellow and grey together have been known to boost creativity, while red and black induces passion. Similarly purple can be invigorating, while blues and whites could be calming.
  • Be comfortable: The biggest problem with furniture has always been the inability to be customised freely. However, the case is different now. So choose furniture that suits your height, comfortable posture, and in case multiple people use them, you can even get height and ergonomics adjustable furnishing.
  • Lighting: Introduce as much natural light and air as possible; it’s a proven fact that natural light and breeze boost our willingness to do something meaningful.
  • Introduce greenery: One of the major mistakes people make when designing their study is the lack of attention to greenery. Having plants and succulents around keep us fresh and rejuvenated at all times.

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