Wine and Dine in Style: Find out which dining table suits you best!

The dining space for any household is the ultimate place for whole-hearted conversations, sharing the day, and, of course, enjoying delicious meals together. So, if you’re wondering what type of dining table would work best for you, you should factor in how people in your house like to communicate, the ways in which conversations are triggered, and their choice of shape and aesthetics.

Today, the market is flooded with various dining table designs, however, the right one for you will only bring your family closer. From round dining tables for couples and nuclear families to the classic large feasty tables for 10-12 people – the key to picking the right dining table is knowing what your family wants.

So while you think about the size of your family and friends circle, here are some recommendations on the type of dining tables you can choose from:

The round table: While round table discussions formed a major part of our history classes, when at home these tables bring people closer together. However, they are great if you are a newly-married couple or a nuclear family of three. These tables are more intimate and space-efficient.


The square table: Mostly used as coffee tables, these dining tables can be a great way for those who spend a lot of time on their dining tables either chatting, working, eating, watching their favourite soap operas, cutting veggies, etc.


The rectangular classic: Rectangular dining tables, although one of the oldest forms of tables that exist, now come in a variety of seating options to accommodate every size of family while also fitting into your space


Transformational dining: These are a product of ultra modern lifestyles where neither space nor time is in abundance. These tables can double up as work tables, coffee tables, and even be used when hosting guests/parties as a drinks counter.


Oval tables: These tables bring in a rustic aesthetic with them along with nostalgia. As for most, memories of an oval table would go back to grandparents’ homes. Although the use of the shape may not be modern, there are some fantastically cool options in this range as well.


So, as you must have realised, the market is brimming with options ranging from shapes to aesthetics to use-cases, it all boils down to how your family gets together and what they like. And if you need a little help, our expert interior designers at Fabdiz are here to guide you

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