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203 Google reviews

Aman Aniket

Positive: Professionalism

We scouted a bunch of interior firms before landing on Fabdiz – we wanted the right balance of processes and individuality, and for most of the experience, we made the right choice……



Like Most people here I chose Fabdiz after reading a lot of online reviews and comparing them with other big interiors like Home Lane, Live Space, Design Cafe, Bonito, etc……

Srutishree Choudhury


Fabdiz team helped us setup our home in last few months. The entire process took us about 4 months from conceptualization, design to execution. The team was always responsive to our inputs and questions……

Shirley Sunitha


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

Professional in their approach.
On time completion of job
Architect – Mukta did a wonderful job in designing the project.Chandan- did a good job in final execution of project and timely handover…..

Romit Jain

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Got my 3 BHK designed and furnished from fabdiZ based out of Kalyan Nagar
We evaluated various vendors before finalising them . Points tilted in Fabdiz favour were – quality of work, pricing transparency, payment terms, small team…

Ashish Kumar

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Fabdiz experience has been good due to our project manager Mr. Rahul Jangir. Thanks to Rahul for being the professional he is. We had a stringent timeline to vacate our rented apartment and had 2 months to finish the interior works and move in the new apartment….

Ramanan Sanjeevi Krishnan

Positive: Responsiveness, Value

I would thank Fabdiz for doing a wonderful interiors for my flat in Godrej United, Bangalore. Special thanks for Vineeth who was our site project manager. He was always there for all our questions…..

Moumita Mitra

Positive:Professionalism,  Punctuality,  Quality,  Responsiveness

I recently did some basic interior work for my new apartment from Fabdiz and had a good experience. Abu was the designer assigned for us. He was receptive to our requests and came up with designs that worked for our requirements…..

Anu S



FabDiz was my interior team for my new apartment. I had a unique requirement in terms of interiors being traditional American. My designer Shwetha worked very diligently on every aspect and was always open to new ideas…..

What Sets us Apart?

Personalized Designs for every customer by FABDIZ Top interior designers in Bangalore

Personalized Designs

We don’t believe in reusing designs or in copy-pasting templates. We take the time to understand each client’s taste and style to create personalized, unique designs. There’s a reason there are no other designers in Bangalore like Fabdiz.

Dedicated project Manager in FABDIZ the Top interior designers in Bangalore

Dedicated project Manager

Each client gets a project lead and a dedicated project manager, who coordinates with on-ground teams and in-office personnel. We also create a WhatsApp group with all stakeholders involved so there is complete transparency and accountability.

On Site Supervision by on ground team in FABDIZ the Top interior designers in Bangalore

On Site Supervision

The lead designer and project manager will regularly visit the site for supervision and guidance. Our aim is to ensure that the home you get is a replica of the designs that were approved and finalized during the design stage.

Living Room Design by FABDIZ the Top interior designers in Bangalore

45 Days Delivery*

We understand how excited you must be to move into your new home & strive to deliver every project within 45 days. That being said, depending on size & unforeseen events delivery could be delayed, but rest assured, there will be no compromise on quality.

On Site Work at FABDIZ one of the best Interior Design Companies in Bangalore

10 Year Warranty

We design and manufacture modular units at our own factory and we also have excellent relationships with market vendors. This allows us to maintain strict quality control and also provide you with a 10-year warranty on units.

Our latest projects

Fresh off the oven


about project

We had a tight deadline with this project in Koramangala, but in the end, we delivered. We undertook the complete project, right from manufacturing the furniture to installing the final light bulb. We are the best interior designers in Bangalore for a reason!


about project

The team at Fabdiz absolutely enjoyed working closely with Mr. and Mrs. Mukherjee on this unique, state-of-the-art, Scandinavian-inspired home interiors. From the muted colours to the perfect balance of natural and artificial lighting; from the wood accents to the uber chic, modern furniture, this house is the perfect example of the ‚Äėless is more‚Äô approach. We’re glad they trusted us to be their interior designers in Bangalore


about project

Ankit and Shikha spoke to a lot of interior designers in Bangalore before deciding to go with Fabdiz. They were looking for modern designs with minimalistic tones. They have a beautiful space and we absolutely went ballistic designing this home. There were some challenges, we had to custom-make furniture to fit the home, but it’s nothing Fabdiz can’t handle. Overall, we had a blast working with Ankit and Shikha.


Trending designs picked by interior designers in Bangalore


Quite simply, because we’re the Best Interior designers in Bangalore. Our dedicated project management & design team not only helps you have hassle-free planned execution but also helps you choose the right products for the right application. In-house manufacturing with our skilled craftsmen team will ensure excellent finish, on-time delivery and post-completion services.




We are a construction & interior company

And this makes us masters of everything related to a house - from brick to wallpaper. A chef who knows each ingredient intimately will always cook the tastiest food.

1 : 1 ratio of designers to customers

We believe in a focused approach. We assign a designer to your project based on the style you are looking for & this designer is dedicated to you & you alone.

In house manufacturing plant

We manufacture all modular components at our manufacturing plant. This allows us to control the quality and also give you a 10 year warranty on all products.

customer testimonials

1000+ customers served

Other Business verticals

Turnkey solutions in three other domains.

Home Construction Service


We have a complete construction wing – architects, labourers, procurement managers, product vendors, the whole package. With construction and interior design verticals, Fabdiz is an expert in everything related to a house.

End-To-End Education Interiors Service


We also undertake education construction and interior projects. With a couple of schools and colleges under our belt, we are one of the top interior design companies when it comes to educational interior projects.

End-To-End Commercial Interior Service


Offices, coffee shops, cowork spaces, we’ve done it all. We take on commercial interior design projects in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. Visit our commercial interior design page to get a complete understanding of what we do.

our Process

01. Discovery

We meet you to understand your needs and style.

02. Design

We work together in finalizing a design specific to you.

03. Deliver

Our team handles everything & delivers your dream home.

04. Declare

You declare us the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Our Designers

Well, a few of them.



Designer Rachana at FABDIZ interior design company



Designer Aishwarya at FABDIZ interior design company


An award winning designing firm.

FABDIZ representatives James and Aishwarya receiving the best interior designers in Bangalore award in Goa.

International Glory Award of the year 2021, Goa

We received the "Best Interior Design company of the year 2021" award for residential and commercial projects presented at the IGA event - International Glory Awards 2021 held at Park Regis, Goa.

Fabdiz receives the most creative Interior Design Company in Bangalore award in 2021.

Most Innovative Interior Design Firm Of The Year 2021, Karnataka

We received the "Most Innovative Interior Design company of the year 2021, Karnataka" award for residential and commercial projects presented at the National Architecture & Interior Design Conference & Awards event in 2021.

Fabdiz receives the most promising Interior Design Company in Bangalore award in 2021.

Promising Interior Design Firm Of The Year - 2021, Karnataka

We received the "Most Promising Interior Designers in Bangalore - 2021, Karnataka" award presented by and Business Mint.

Fabdiz receives the award for best interior designers in Bangalore

Most Innovative Interior Design Firm Of The Year 2020, Karnataka

We received the "Most Innovative Interior Design firm of the year 2020, Karnataka" for residential and commercial projects at the National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards 2020 event held at Taj West end, Bangalore.

Founders of FABDIZ Interior designers in Bangalore showcased in Silicon India Magazine.

Fabdiz leaders Vineet and Hemant featured in Silicon India Magazine

Except: "Abreast of engendering creative themes, impeccable designs, and skillful execution with intact quality, there is an ‚ÄėX‚Äô-perience factor that makes an interior reflect your persona and satisfy you from the inside of your heart, which is tough to measure, sometimes hard to find, and often difficult to define."

Fabdiz founders Vineet and Hemanth receiving the Most Promising Interior Design Companies in Bangalore for 21st Century Learning Spaces

Most Promising Turnkey Solution Providers for 21st Century Learning Spaces - 2021, Karnataka

Fabdiz has been Awarded with "Most Promising Turnkey Solution Providers for 21st Century Learning Spaces" award presented by The Chancery Pavillion, Bangalore.

Get In touch

    218, 9th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

    While choosing an interior designer in Bangalore for your home it is imperative to consider a couple of important factors. One of them is your budget. For example, if you shortlist luxury interior designers in Bangalore, you’ll have to have a higher budget than most other regular interior designers in Bangalore. Other factors to be included would be the firm experience, recommendations like Google reviews, and whether they cater to your exact specifications like outdoor design, Pooja room design and so on.

    I have never seen a similar pattern of cost expenditure on home interiors and any other interior project.

    The expense should not be more the 10% to 15% of property cost for complete interiors of the house. However, in some cases, the expectations of the design details are more, and the client looks for more excellence. According to the client’s desire, it can reach 20% and 30% of property cost too. There is a quick table work based on my experience for a better understanding of the cost of the interior we offer and should do.

    Of course, the price can vary concerning the types of materials used and preferred hardware, and also based on different interior design companies in Bangalore.

    Home interior design timelines depend a lot on the scale and the very nature of the project. With a lot of emphasis being put on design and sourcing the right materials, the intent is to accelerate yet perfect the execution. Usually, we finish projects within 45 days, except for huge projects with a lot of requirements.

    It all depends on how fast your chosen interior designer can or will go in order to give you the best home interior design. While some designers follow a certain niche and will only focus on delivering top-notch designs, others will guide and handhold you through your design and purchase journey to incorporate “you” as much as possible into your home interior design process. Holistic home interior designers such as Fabdiz boast of their own manufacturing plant to design and deliver high-quality modular components to be used in the design. They can also help with sourcing any design that’s not covered within the scope of their own manufacturing by leveraging their partner network.

    Whether you’re already an interior design aficionado, or are looking to learn a few neat tips and tricks, any good interior designer or interior design firm will first take time to understand your exact specifications and needs and are also extremely receptive to your ideas before implementing them into your customized interior design plan. That’s what they are there for! So when hiring a designer or a decorator it is not necessary for you to know anything about interiors or decor. It is the designer’s job to understand your unique taste and style and take things forward. And, if you have a few selective and specific design ideas up your sleeve, they’ll work with those too and involve and include you as much as possible to make the entire process smooth, fun and result-oriented.

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      218, 9th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka



      203 reviews

      Abhishek Anand

      Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

      We went ahead with Fabdiz for the interior work of our apartment and Rahul Jangir has been our assigned Project Delivery lead. We’ve been spent a little over two weeks here hence these are initial thoughts about a new house, but I’ll continue to update this space in the future.
      The experience with the execution team has been collaborative, they have been mindful of our requirements and managed to solve most problems that have arisen during our exchange. There were a few small pieces which weren’t to our expectations where Rahul has been our go to guy. He listened to our issues and made appropriate amends to resolve them.
      The team has some skilled craftsmen demonstrated especially in the duco and woodwork. We are content with the way the team has implemented our design ideas.

      Special thanks to Bimlendu for resolving all issues pertaining to design, his oversight has been instrumental for our home.

      Services: Bedroom design, Closet design, Interior architectural design, Lighting design, Kitchen design

      sharda prasad agrawal

      Positive: Professionalism

      I have used Fabdiz service for my Interior work after considering many known brands and found their work to be satisfactory if not best in class. There were some minor issues found at site work and they were rectified swiftly, thanks to Krishna and Vishnu who handled all our queries politely and tried to rectify the issues to best of their abilities. Rajani has designed the house with our inputs and final result was very much in line with Renders shared with us.

      I am yet to use their post interior services. Will add updates after using their post services.

      Srutishree Choudhury

      Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

      We are happy to be associated with FABDIZ. We are located in Visakhapatnam (Vizag) but still we got excellent support from Design Team Especially from Rachana and Project Manager Chandan. Rachana and her team designed our project. She has taken care of every small space that can be well utilized and occupied her thoughts and designs gave us a great look to our project. Chandan implemented what ever she designed. Chandan had a great experience in solving the unexpected challenges and his experience is an added feather to FABDIZ. they haded over our project well in time.

      Thank You FABDIZ

      Service: Interior architectural design

      Kln Kumar

      Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

      We decided to go with Fabdiz for the interiors of our home in Vizag and we are extremely happy with how things have turned out! Fabdiz assured us a smooth experience and they have delivered on this promise. From the material selection and design phase to execution and delivery, Fabdiz has met all of our expectations. Yes there were challenges, it’s a part of every project, but the team at Fabdiz tackled these challenges with grace and at the end of the day, we’re happy.

      A special thanks to designers Rachana and Magesh, and project manager Chandan for making the entire process effortless and stress-free for us. They took the effort to send us design catalogues so we could go about choosing the materials and colours we like from the comfort of our home. The dedication and efforts kept by Rachana in designing and allowing our thoughts and ideas to come into life with considering every small aspect of view and by satisfying us to the most.
      Our heartfelt thanks for entire design team and execution team for giving us the most beautiful house which we dreamt of. we liked the constant advice and direction that we got from the design and execution team. We had an idea about how we wanted our home to look like, and Rachana and the team actually gave it a form. Their constant guidance has resulted in a beautiful home.

      Good job team Fabdiz!

      Services: Home decor selection, Interior painting, Interior decorating, Room planning, Bathroom design, Bedroom design, Closet design, Living room design, Interior architectural design, Lighting design, Kitchen design, Space planning

      Sridhar K P

      Response from the owner

      Hello Sridhar, We are delighted to hear that your experience with Fabdiz was good. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work on your dream home and for taking the time to leave feedback. Your review is greatly appreciated – it helps us grow, and we hope you will recommend us to your friends and family.

      -Team Fabdiz

      Vivek Patil

      Positive: Professionalism, Quality

      Rahul Jangir was the project manager assigned to my site. He did a wonderful job and I am very happy with his determination and passion for his work. He took care of project delivery and made sure that client satisfaction is top priority.

      Response from the owner

      Dear Vivek,
      Thank You so much for your glowing review! We are at Fabdiz are ‘designed’ to always put a smile on each of our esteemed customers’ faces and glad that we could do so this time!
      Do contact us again for all your interior design needs. Till then, stay safe and take care!


      Positive: Punctuality, Quality

      Good team of interior designers and good quality precised work and finished work on time

      Services: Bedroom design, Closet design, Living room design, Dining room design, Kitchen design

      Kevin Pinto

      Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

      Special thanks to Chandan and team for interior project execution and completion within specified duration and quality.
      Also special thanks to Shwetha for guiding us on interior designing and interior material selection.

      Services: Home decor selection, Interior decorating, Bedroom design, Closet design, Dining room design, Cabinetry & hardware design, Kitchen design

      Marina DSouza

      Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

      Special thanks to Shwetha for providing interior design and updates for our home and very big thanks to Chandan for project execution and completion within specified duration.

      Services: Home decor selection, Interior decorating, Bedroom design, Closet design, Living room design, Dining room design, Kitchen design


      Excellent work is done by FABDIZ team @ our flat. We are really impressed by the way project was being executed. Team was impressively professional & was able to understand all our requirements adequately. Team includes – Ashiq as Interior Designer, Vishnu as Production Head, and Sanjay as Project Manager.
      Process followed by FABDIZ team for our flat:
      – Initial requirement discussion & site visit.
      – Finalizing the requirements & estimates.
      – 3D design discussion & finalizing the design which took lot of time
      – Site visit to collect final measurements to start production.
      – Production phase. (In factory)
      – Post production, material shipped to flat.
      – Installation phase. Matrial assembled at flat.
      – Project Handover.

      Great work by Sanjay & team, Vishnu Thanks for all your work!
      Special thanks to project manager Sanjay as he was reachable for any modifications or any changes during implementation and was really helpful

      Response from the owner

      Hello Priyanka

      We appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed review; it draws attention to our work ethic and our design process too. It was our teamwork that earned us this fantastic review, and your constant input has been vital in helping us complete this project successfully.

      It’s wonderful to see that we were successful in ensuring your satisfaction, which has always been our prime commitment.

      Thank you for choosing us and we hope you will recommend us to your friends and family.

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