10 Interior Designers in Bangalore To Follow On Instagram

Interior Designers in Bangalore to Follow

Navigating the Bangalore Beauty and Beyond!

Ready to spice up your Instagram feed with a sprinkle of design genius?

Whether you’re on the brink of a design career, eager to rejuvenate your living space, or just have a keen eye for aesthetics, here are 10 interior designers, studios, and architects in Bangalore that deserve a spot on your Instagram radar.

Why follow them, you ask?

Well, their Instagram feeds are your gateway to a world of design wonders, a kaleidoscope of innovation, and a daily dose of inspiration that will ignite your creativity. Join us as we embark on a visual journey through the extraordinary.

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Fabdiz Interiors

Fabdiz Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

Follow Fabdiz on Instagram

Location: Kalyanagar

Since its inception in 2009, FABDIZ has been under the visionary leadership of Varsha Sharma, Vineet Sharma, and Hemant Tak. This award-winning design studio boasts over 15 years of invaluable experience. Their expertise spans a diverse range of business verticals, including residential interior design, construction and architecture, commercial interior design, and educational space interior design.

With their unique blend of people skills, design intuition, and architectural precision, this formidable leadership trio guides the creative minds at FABDIZ. Operating from three strategic locations and equipped with an in-house factory unit, they seamlessly bring design dreams to life.

Project Overview:

Feature Overview: Explore their journey of excellence and recognition in the world of interior design here.

FABDIZ is not just a design studio; it’s a testament to the power of creativity and precision. With Varsha Sharma, Vineet Sharma, and Hemant Tak at the helm, they transform spaces into works of art that

FADD Design Studio

FADD Studio Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

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Location: St. Marks Road Awards and Accolades

Feature Overview: Dezeen, Elle Decor, AD and others.

With Farah Ahmed Mathias and Dhaval Shellugar at the helm, FADD Design Studio has emerged as a shining beacon of innovation in a city renowned for its ever-evolving design landscape. High ceilings and expansive spaces serve as their canvas, transforming even the most mundane areas into palatial masterpieces. Their signature tropical flair infuses each design with an exotic charm that captivates onlookers. On the global stage, FADD Design Studio has carved a niche for itself as a paragon of creative excellence. Their work graces the pages of elite design publications such as Dezeen, Elle Decor, and AD, making every project akin to a stunning Decor magazine cover come to life. For a closer look at the magic woven by Farah Ahmed Mathias and Dhaval Shellugar at FADD Design Studio, explore their feature overview.

Project Overview:


Houseof9designs Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

Follow houseof9designs on Instagram

Feature Overview: Elle Decor, AD, Good Homes and Others.

Nain Belliappa, the principal designer and founder, has transformed Houseof9designs into a platform where design narratives come to life. Each of their projects is a masterpiece, speaking volumes about their dedication to the craft. It’s more than just design; it’s an immersive storytelling experience that captivates the senses.

Nain’s interior design blog serves as a window into the world of houseof9designs, offering glimpses of their extraordinary work. Her insightful writings and visual storytelling provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process that fuels houseof9designs’ exceptional designs.

Houseof9designs has consistently garnered attention from elite publications, making their mark in the world of interior design.

Project Overview:

Weespaces Interiors

Weespaces Interiors Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

Follow Weespaces on Instagram

Feature Overview: AD, Elle Decor, India Today and others.

At the helm of Weespaces Interiors stands the visionary Vinithra, whose journey began on the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles, California, and has now found its vibrant home in Bangalore, India.

Vinithra, the founder, is a design maven with a unique perspective, having traversed the diverse landscapes of India and California. Her design aesthetic is a harmonious fusion of California chic style infused with unexpected elements of eclecticism and colonial charm.

What sets Weespaces designs apart is her keen eye for balance and an innate ability to infuse each space with personality. Vibrant textiles, captivating art, and one-of-a-kind pieces come together seamlessly to create interiors that are not just visually stunning but also deeply reflective of the individuals who inhabit them.It’s no wonder that Weespaces has earned a well-deserved place in elite design magazines, and you can explore their featured projects here: Weespaces Feature Overview

Project Overview:

Balan Nambisan Architects

Balan Nambisan Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

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Location: Indiranagar Awards and Accolades

Feature Overview: Elle Decor, AD, and others.

Balan + Nambisan Architects (BNA) is an innovative and one of the top interior designers in Bangalore spearheaded by visionary principal architects Arun Balan, Arjun Nambisan, and Nilanjana Roy. With a dedicated focus on pioneering design concepts, BNA has left its mark on the landscape of Bangalore, transforming some of the city’s most notable establishments into remarkable spaces. Their portfolio proudly includes some of Bangalore’s most iconic hotspots, including Gawky Goose, the Bier Library, and the Jewel Box, each a testament to their commitment to exclusivity and the art of entertainment. 

Their philosophy fuses design and creativity, creating spaces that not only serve a purpose but also tell a story, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression. Their work is frequently featured in prestigious design publications like Elle Decor, further solidifying their reputation in the industry.

Projects Overview:

Tesor Designs

Tesor Design Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

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Location: HSR Layout and Kalyan Nagar

Feature Overview: AD, Elle Decor and Good Homes

At the helm of Tesor Designs, you’ll find the dynamic duo, Rajesh Kudlu and Supriya Suriyanarayanan, leading the charge in redefining the design landscape of Bangalore. This design powerhouse has left its creative imprint on some of the city’s hottest destinations, including the iconic White Garden.

Their innovative approach to residential properties has caught the eye of renowned publications such as AD, Good Homes, and Elle Decor, making Tesor Designs a prominent name among Bangalore’s top interior designers. Their thoughtful planning and boundary-pushing designs are carving a distinct niche for the firm.

Project Overview: White Garden, The House of Mirrors and others.

have earned them industry accolades and praise.

Between Spaces

Between Spaces Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

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Location: HSR Layout Awards and Accolades

Feature Overview

Between Spaces, led by Pramod Jaiswal and Divya Ethirajan, stands tall as one of Bangalore’s premier interior design and architectural firms. Drawing inspiration from the works of design luminaries like Peter Zumthor, Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, Louis I. Kahn, and Le Corbusier, they have carved a niche for themselves.

Their profound appreciation for historical buildings is evident as they highlight that the enduring charm of these structures arises from the craftsmanship and handwork that breathe life into typically lifeless materials. This perspective underscores how historical buildings gracefully age, offering a timeless muse for contemporary design.

Notably, Between Spaces has earned accolades and prestigious features in elite design magazines, further solidifying their status as industry leaders.

Project Overview:

Aanai Design Studio

Aanai Design Studio Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

Follow on Aanai on Instagram

Feature Overview: AD, Elle Decor and Good Homes

Aanai, inspired by the silent yet powerful pachyderm, was founded by Principal Architect and Creative Director, Gayathri Padmam H. Initially conceived as an indigenous furniture studio, Aanai envisioned a future where personalized designs and exceptional furniture solutions catered to those with discerning tastes with their furniture wing. Today, Aanai has grown into a multidisciplinary residential design studio, anchored by three core tenets of design excellence, where their renowned furniture division, Tusker Katha, stands out.

The hallmark of Aanai’s journey lies in the testimony of each project they undertake. These projects serve as living proof of their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and design innovation.

Their design philosophy is refreshingly distinct, whether it’s an organic aesthetic or timeless elegance; Aanai has it all. Their work regularly graces the glossy pages of renowned magazines such as AD, Elle Decor, and Good Homes.

Projects Overview: Lawrence Veedu, Slice of Greece and Others.

Feature Overview: AD, Elle Decor, Good Homes and Others.

Taliesyn Design and Architecture

Taliesyn Design Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

Follow on Taliesyn Instagram

Location: Kanakapura Road Awards and Accolades

Feature Overview: Dezeen, Elle Decor, AD, Designboom, archello and other elite publication features.

With Shalini Chandrashekar and Ar G S Mahaboob Basha at the helm, Taliesyn emerges as a dynamic design powerhouse, leaving an indelible mark on Southern India’s design landscape. This visionary duo navigates a vast spectrum of design genres, from Residential and Hospitality to Recreational, Institutional, and Cultural projects.

Projects Overview:


Technoarchitecture Instagram Account - Top interior designers in Bangalore

Follow Technoarchitecture on Instagram

Headed by Rajesh Shivaram, Technoarchitecture is a leading architectural and interior design firm based in Bangalore. Their innovative spirit and artistic flair have garnered recognition and praise, making them a prominent name among Bangalore’s design elite. Rajesh Shivaram, a distinguished figure in the world of interior design, firmly believes that “God lies in the details.” 

His meticulous approach to spatial sequencing and strategic framing of views, designed to harness natural light, transforms spaces into immersive environments, each offering a unique spectrum of atmospheres and experiences. Technoarchitecture’s creative excellence has earned them features in esteemed magazines such as Elle Decor, Surface Reporter, and India Design World.

That’s a Design Wrap: Instagram’s Creative Odyssey with Bangalore’s Finest!

In a world where inspiration is just a scroll away, these 10 interior designers, studios, and architects in Bangalore stand out as the torchbearers of design innovation. From breathtaking residential makeovers to cutting-edge architectural marvels, their Instagram feeds are an enchanting kaleidoscope of creativity.

With each post, they invite you into a realm where spaces come alive, colors tell stories, and every corner is a canvas for imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned design enthusiast or simply looking to add a touch of flair to your home, these profiles promise a daily dose of inspiration.

So, as we wrap up our journey through Bangalore’s design landscape, remember to hit that follow button, and let your Instagram world be transformed into a never-ending source of design wonder. After all, in the world of interior design, beauty truly lies in the details, and these creators know just how to make them shine. Happy scrolling!

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