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Get your bespoke 2BHK home with Fabdiz Interiors, top interior designers in Bangalore - meet our expert designers one-on-one and get your customised dream bedroom at an affordable price.

Customised to your tastes a modern rustic 2BHK home design

At Fabdiz, we offer complete  end-to-end home interior design services from consultations with our design experts to 3D designs to your dream house! Get your 2bhk flat interior design with us.

A Peek Into Our 2bhk house designs

Our seamless service process

How It Works

01 Sharing Your Vision

As one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, our designers will first talk/meet with you to understand your home interiors style and personalised needs for your bedroom 2bhk flat interior design.

02 Setting Budgets & Timelines

We give you a quote and set a tentative timeline based on the size of the project. We are the best home interior designers in Bangalore and affordable interior designers in Bangalore.

03 Research & Design

Through 3D renders, we show you our unique, creative ideas and together we finalize on the design. When it comes to 2bhk interior design cost in Bangalore, we are very affordable.

04 Implementation

We design and deliver your new home, and make it ready for you to move in! We are amongst the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore.

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