At one with yourself and your home: 5 tips for a mind-calming prayer room

With as many as 33 million gods and goddesses making up Hindu culture, a pooja room becomes an all-integral part of an Indian home. Pujas mark the beginning of the day and also the setting of the sun in most households. With a gamut of rituals for us to engage in births the need for not only a spacious puja room but also a space that brings everyone together through faith and love.

Keeping the rituals aside, a puja room is also where many find solace within the house, a space for meditation, prayers, and connecting with yourself. Here’s your ready reckoner to use interior design to create the most calming, serene, and soulful prayer room for your home.

For the simplistic believer


One of the best ways to have a highly tranquil puja room is to go down simple town. Simplistic elements and colour combinations enhance one’s connection with themselves while also calming their thoughts and helping them focus on their inner energies.

In a zone of its own


With the addition of a high ceiling (if possible) and wooden partitions and elements one can easily bring in a sense of privacy and peace into their prayer rooms. While the high ceiling and perforated wood allows light and breeze to enter it keeps you tucked away from the chaos of life and allows you to pray in peace.

A serene sojourn


Indian households and their connection with prayers has always been a divine one thus, why not translate the same stillness and pause into the prayer room as well? With dominant whites and marbles it’s possible to now bring the serenity of a temple within the confines of your own home.

Grand and gorgeous


For many households, a puja room also becomes a testament to their life journey, their hard work, and success. For those people, it would be a great idea to go grand and gorgeous with their Puja room designs.

Open the door to blessings


While the majority of the designs may focus on giving the puja room a separate space, in the context of Indian households, especially joint families, it might even make sense to open up the scope and make the Prayer room a part of the main area design. This allows the kids to also learn about their cultures without actually having to step into a dedicated space and also enhances the energies within the home. This also gives the elders a splendid opportunity to make everyone in the house a part of the festivities and rituals that happen on a daily basis. Approach Fabdiz for your pooja room interior design needs and get the mediation/prayer room you’ve always prayed for!

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