Cook Up a Storm in Your Kitchen: Essentials of Amazing Kitchen Designs That Are ‘Hot’ In The Market Today!

Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

While eating in style has never gone out fashion, cooking in style is something not many of us may give importance to, except, of course, avid cooks, and, us kitchen space interior designers. The idea of designing a kitchen goes way beyond the usual notion of just creating a highly-functional, well-equipped, easy-to-maneuver and safe space. It must also provide a lot of comfort and agility if you’re going to be spending a major portion of your day/night in the kitchen.

Sometimes, a kitchen can also double up as a space where the family spends a lot of quality time together over food, drinks and great conversation. While sound, beautiful aesthetics and functionality can do the job well, the requirements of great kitchen interior design are multifold. After all, a family that eats together, stays together, forever! And sometimes, there’s nothing better than that first morning cup of coffee and bagel with the morning newspaper or the telly sitting around your kitchen table exchanging greetings with your loved ones – a great way to start the day!

Making everything tidy will not be easy, especially in the kitchen. There are so many items that needs to be settled, such as cookware, kitchenware and groceries, and then put away neatly. Meal preparation is a battle and the kitchen is the battlefield. If you think you have not enough space for storage, it’s then time to rethink your kitchen design and make some much-needed renovations and probably a kitchen makeover.

Here we provide 5 tips for kitchen storage as well as some brilliant functional kitchen design ideas –

  1. Storage over style: Design may play a huge role in creating a great kitchen but it’s important to also sit with the client, and understand their approach to cooking and life. Sometimes, the family may prioritise storage over style as their cuisine may involve a lot of stored spices. For kitchen in L shape or U shape, corner storage is always a trouble. To maximize the corner space, there are 2 kinds of accessories you can add on. Corner Pull-out is a smart solution for fully using corner, which leaves no space wasted. It provides extra storage area for your tableware and kitchenware.
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  1. Agility over aesthetics: Everyone is a different personality when in the kitchen. You may especially want to have a space that streamlines your chores and in this case the construction and work flow may be of higher importance to you. You may be a master in the kitchen, a trained chef even, and for you quick, easy access to ingredients/equipment, and high functionality is of the essence. Not to mention, when you have a large group coming over for dinner, you need everything to be in the right place to be able to put up that pot roast on the table on time! Also, instead of keeping appliances out in plain sight, a smart way to save space is to hide them inside the cabinets. Built-in Appliances are more trending nowadays. They offer an exclusive way to make room for other kitchen storage.
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  1. Tech-savvy: With so many advancements in kitchen appliances and electronics today, it may be crucial for clients to be able to use specific appliances and gadgets which may have particular space and fitting requirements. Every great kitchen interior design company understands the importance of marrying today’s ultimate technology and kitchen equipment to match the rest of your house design while maintaining the functionality of the kitchen at the same time. To be able to cook in the kitchen, whether it’s a large meal or just fixing a quick snack, should always be an enjoyable experience – and that’s what any good kitchen interior designer will aim to give you.
  1. Traditional never goes out of fashion!

A traditional kitchen is one of the more popular styles for kitchen designs throughout the country, warm and welcoming and never goes out of style. When friends stop by for coffee we want them to feel at home in our kitchen. Designing traditional kitchens is not an easy task, given the options for organization, fixtures, size, mood, and material that present those wishing to design or renovate their kitchens into something new. When designing traditional kitchens, a few basics hold true. And ofcourse, every client has very specific ideas for their traditional kitchen design which our expert kitchen interior designers will have no problems implementing.

It is important to locate storage areas where they will be convenient and where the kitchen users will feel comfortable reaching for objects as they cook. By taking the time to think about how you cook in your preparation space, anyone can concoct a simple floor plan that winds their natural motions and behaviors into their everyday kitchen routine. Later on, when the new traditional kitchen is designed, users will marvel at how intuitive the environment feels. 

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  1. Green kitchens for clean cooking!

With the whole world going vegan, its no surprise that they want their kitchens to go green too! global warming, depletion of natural resources and carbon emissions have made environmentalists incorporate eco-friendly living solutions even in their homes and in the kitchen. For example, the latest in environmentally friendly kitchens includes fast-growing bamboo. The material makes great cutting boards and it can also be used for backsplashes and flooring. Using natural lighting and fluorescents can cut down your energy usage, and electricity bill by 50 percent. Installing convection ovens uses a fan to drive heat rapidly from source to food so it cooks it 25 percent faster than a conventional oven. Whatever you want for your environment friendly kitchen, our expert kitchen interior designers will do it for you.

Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Thus, it is safe to say that kitchen interior design usually employs an approach slightly different to the rest of the house design. The kitchen is a common space and this, unlike the living room, bedrooms and other spaces, isn’t really so much personalized as it is modular and functional. While the home interior design can be independent of the traditional values and culture that the client follows, kitchen design will always be in line with certain cultural aspects because food, in general, is a very strong component of culture and the kitchen is the sanctum to nurture the same within the house and amongst the people in it.x

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