Designing childhood dreams to come true! 5 ways to design the best kids room for your tiny tots

The fruit of innocence births from the seed of labour that keeps it alive. Similarly, a home where each member is supposed to leave a piece of their heart in a must to nurture the little minds of tomorrow to spark mischief and growth in equal parts. A good home interior design especially where there are kids must incorporate a subdued charm in the way it embraces the most innocent of beings. Thus, considering a kids room design becomes more important than ever.

With the chaos outside and within, with distractions ruling our routines, a calming yet exciting kids room design allows children to explore, exude, and experience life within the confines of your home. If you are wondering how to achieve the best possible kids room design, we have just the right inspiration for you. Below are a few inspiring ways in which one can spruce up a beautiful yet effective kids room design to make their wild imaginations come alive!

A Colourful Concord


It has been scientifically proven that colours have a deep impact on the mind and the heart especially on those of children. Colours breed positivity, creativity, and energy and this could be a great way to design a kids room that not only looks beautiful but also encourages your little ones to always be bright and sharp. When it’s a thoughtfully colourful room they wake up to, they are going to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Giving the room some character


Who in the world isn’t inspired by movies or comics? Children are no different. And adding their favourite characters as a part of the kids room design plan could be a fantastic way of incorporating some character into the space while also encouraging the children to be cheerful when indoors. When your passions adore the room, you grow up to be more passionate than others. So whether it’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Ironman or Spiderman from the Marvel and DC comics, there’s no harm in giving your kid their favourite Disney princess or superhero as a bedroom buddy!

Textures that shape the mind


With all the modern resources available in the market it would be worth trying out different paints and textures when designing a kids room. Textures have shown to impact the mind in a calm, positive way, and especially for a kid’s room it could be your gateway, as parents, to nurture a healthy, happy soul. From the wide range of colours to a myriad of patterns and artworks, an experienced interior designer in Bangalore such as Fabdiz would be able to guide you through the process seamlessly with lots of fun!

Twinning in all its glory


While birthing and raising twins may get taxing at times, it shouldn’t be taxing either for them or for you budget-wise. Hence, if you plan to have the same room for the twins until they are grown up, it’s important to consider their personalities, their differences, and commonalities when designing a twin kids room. With eclectic use of spatial design knowledge, designers can help you achieve the perfect room that will allow both children to grow up in harmony and happiness.

The art of sharing spaces


If not twins, sometimes one can also wish to create or recreate the same room for two siblings divided by age. While design can always consider the gap in age, it’s crucial to note that the aspect of shared spaces don’t only end there, in fact the age gap is just the beginning. A professional interior designer would delve deep into understanding the personalities and passions of each of the siblings when designing a shared space as it will allow both individuals to flourish in their own ways while building a bond for a lifetime.

Enter Fabdiz, your one-stop interior design shop to build your kids their dream bedroom and inspire creativity, functionality and overall cognitive development. Our kids bedroom interior designers know their stuff and no kids room design for us is too tough!

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